Se7a Bomb aims to create healthy society by providing medical awareness and medical service
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Se7a Bomb is a healthy society inside the Arab world we seek to found to help people live better and healthier and improve the quality of their lives by 2 ways 

1. Health Education 

We as a doctors seek to convert the hard medical content in small short attractive easy to understand videos that presented by funny doctors, to attract people to know more about their and their family's health to help them live better 

2. Online medical services

Second goal is to make the medical services easy to access throw the internet, like: 

  • Diagnosis application that help you to diagnose your self in case of minor diseases that don't need visiting doctor and recommend you the best treatment 

  • Online doctors that you may need to consult in case of more severe conditions 

  • And if it's necessary to see a doctor we will tell you about the doctors beside you in the needed specialty 

  • And you can also find the information about any drug in the market 

  • And also you can find your special psychiatrist online 

  • And finally we have a call center that can help in in emergency, like finding bed in ICU or finding incubators or ever searching for a medication that does not exist in pharmacies 

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Cairo (Al-Qahira), Egypt
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An Egyptian pharmacist interested in developing health care in the Arab world Has previous experience as head of marketing team in Eshraqet Khair, an Egyptian NGO work on developing the university hospitals in Egypt

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