We are a team whose dream is to manufacture a racing car to compete in the Formula Student Copmpetition which will be held in july 2017 (UK)
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An Egyptian team of 35 members studying mechanical engineering and needed to apply what was studied so we put a plan to build a racing car from scratch and to compete in the international Formula Student competition (the greatest competition in the world for race car manufacturing for students) 

We've worked for aproximately 10 monthes to reach this stage ,we sent our progress to the competition and thanks to God we've been accepted to compete in England with our car in Class 1 category which includes the manufacturing of the car and marketing it.

Unfortunately we have no money to step on to the next stage ,our balance

is almost ZERO and we need at least 2000$ to begin manufacturing so that we need your help.

Our Progress:

We've gone so far in the Design Process and in the following is some of what we achieved:

  • The Chassis

  • Aerodynaimcs (Car body & Spoiler)

  • Steering

  • Intake System 

  • Cooling System (Radiator)

A Free Support 

 If you cannot donate you can at least share our idea with the world 

this is our facebook page

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Support us or 35 dreams will vanish

Support us or 10 months of hard work will be useless

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Al Isma'iliyah, Egypt
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I'm a member of SCU Racing Team and a Mechanical Engineering Student at Suez Canal University (Egypt)

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