The purpose of this sculpture is to provide a beautiful alternative to regular furnishings or picture frames.
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Summary :

This kinetic sculpture is the first of its kind in egypt. The purpose of this sculpture is to provide a beautiful alternative to regular furnishings or picture frames. By designing two pieces or more from wood and bringing them together through both meticulous hand and machine construction, the sculpture performs seamlessly and beautifully.

Requirements :

A plank of wood to imprint the design 

Spring motor

Hire a designer 

Cost :

Designs : 200$

Wood planks: 300$

Computer numerical control: 120$

Ball bearing: 80$

Spring motor: 400$

Objective :

The purpose of this project is to reach consumers both in Egypt and in the middle east where it has yet to be produced.

Why Fund this Project?

Your contribution will help to produce sculptures.

First target: 200$

Upon receiving the first target we can finance the designer.

Second Target: 500$

The second target will allow us to by wood planks.

Third Target: 700$

The third target will allow us to sculpture and purchase the ball bearing

Fourth Target: 1100$

The fourth and final target will give us the financing to purchase the spring motor and complete the project.

Other Ways to Help :

Share our objective and project on social media and with friends and family.

24 Mar,2019

Rana ElNemr
15 Mar,2019

Maddie we Atef
04 Mar,2019

29 Jan,2019

Khisal Al-Baroudi
29 Jan,2019

Mohamed Hossny
29 Jan,2019

Basma Elnashar
29 Jan,2019

Mohamed Hossny
29 Jan,2019

29 Jan,2019

29 Jan,2019

28 Jan,2019

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Al Jizah (Giza), Egypt
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Abdul Rahman’s main focus is on hands and their ability to build artifacts for function or beauty. While working at an arts and crafts space in Maadi, his creativity and production scaled especially in home decor.

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$1 or more

697 Available

A special thanks will be sent by e-mail to the supporters. The e-mail contains a short film about the previous forms mentioned in the first, second and third prizes.
$100 or more

One of the most beautiful kinetic sculptures, the triplet’s three rings rotate, each with a smaller ring inside, while orbiting the sculpture’s center in a harmonious chase that is a pleasure to observe.
$150 or more

1 Available

The hymn is a kinetic sculpture that makes subtle sounds as it moves. It’s hard to look away once you pay attention to its sounds and movements.
$190 or more

1 Available

One of the designs of kinetic sculpture that contain luminous colors light up at night, When you wind it up the colors are create a delightful shape full of colors
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