Science fair contest for grades 6-8

The students prepare a project following the scientific method, winners get prizes.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

The idea is to have a science fair contest for all school students in Jordan in grades six to eight. The winners will receive precious prizes in addition to recognition during big exhibition and celebration events. Students can participate in either Arabic or English languages.

The time line is as follows:

·  The contest will be promoted through a specially designed website, contacting the schools through the ministry of education, and media.

·  Promotional events will be held where teachers are invited to attend training on how to help the students prepare their projects, and students will have the chance to ask questions.

·  Posters will be given to schools to promote the contest.

·  A website will be prepared for all the info about the contest to be put, and registration and communication to take place.

·  Registration for participation as a student or as a judge will be done via the website.

·  An exam will be held to choose the proper judges, who will be trained on the judging criteria.

·  The judging will take place during a big event.

·  An exhibition for all the work will be held after the judging where many possible investors will be invited, and the exhibition will be open to public.

·  Results are released.

·  Celebrating the winners and the judges will take place during another big event.


To have such an idea come true we need, and this is where your money will go to:

·  A fully functioning website with a domain and an official email on this domain, and of course social media pages will be created (200 $)

·  Places to hold the promotional and training events, in addition to judging and celebration ones, of course with all the needed catering for each event(5000 $).

·  Printed promotional items like posters and banners (2000 $).

·  Prizes for the winners (3000 $ for each grade x 3=9000$).

·  Awards for the judges(10 x 200=2000$)

·  Dinner cost for the sponsors (20 dinner x40$ =800$)

·  Logistics (incubator and secretarial work for 10 months) (6000$)

·  Training for the teachers and judges (2500$)

·  Zoomal and 3rd party fees =8%(27500$ total of previous  x 0.8 fees for zoomzl and 3rd party=2160)

·  Total=27500+2160=29160


During our journey as learners we encounter many chances to grow and have fun. One of which is the science fair contests held in schools all around the world. Lots of innovative ideas where created as a result of such events. It is a dream to see this idea coming true in our Arab world on the level of a whole country like Jordan.

The scientific method is a way to organize one’s thinking in order to reach a specific decision. It doesn’t work only in the science lab; it works anywhere, everywhere and in all situations. Mastering the use of this scientific method is a ticket to success in life.

This method is a group of steps with each having its own rules and regulations. Teaching this method requires a lot of time and effort, and learning by doing is one of the best ways one can learn.

A science fair contest is a chance for the students to learn this method practically. In addition, it is a chance for innovative ideas to be shown to the world, and to the possible investors who may make use of it. Around the world there are lots of success stories for little kids who started their business as a result of a science fair project.

Intel ISEF is an international contest and the students in grades 10 and above in Jordan participate in it every year. This science fair is a step towards preparing the younger ones to be ready for a strong challenge.

Helping us to cover the cost of the contest, and/or to distribute the idea via social media is much appreciated.

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