Homeschooling children who are in need!
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Our mission, Schooling 101 offers children coming from challenging backgrounds to learn basic skills to help them through out their daily life.

Unfortunately, living in this country has become a challenge for both parents and children, our aim is to provide basic writing and speaking as well as math and general science knowledge to kids who don’t have the chance to go to school because of their economical and social background.

We look for families who really want to see their children succeed educationally but don’t have the means to do so.

Our summer program starts mid of July and extends to a period of 4 months and hopefully with your help it will be followed by a 2nd program and 3rd one as well. Our classes will be held in a small apartment we rented out in Beirut and transformed it into a homey school.

Our goal is to allow children to read books, motivate them and start introducing them to the idea of home schooling.

thinking about long term goals, we want to determine what knowledge and skills are essential to the children not just an order to function well in their future careers but to function well in life.

On a general level after finishing our program children will be able to:


-Do basic math

-Be able to express them selves

-Have the ability to learn new things, to research and to process new information

-Reasoning skills

-Be able to put together a written document

Our challenges, are hiring skilled instructors that will work on a constant basis to be able to truly achieve our objectives, we also lack the means to buy materials such as books, copy books for our workshop.

The help we need:

Our goal is to reach 5000$ to help us provide the funding of our program for at least the first 4 months, this amount will help us pay 2 instructors (who will be taking very low wages as a volunteering act of their own). Buy books, copy books and everything else that they may need to help them succeed the program, we will also provide them with a little daily dinner after lessons are over, each child will be given a backpack and a coloring book as an appreciation.

if you care about education & about our country’s future generation please help us reach our goal, the minimal amount is accepted and much appreciated. If you can’t help financially spreading the word is very much appreciated as well.


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Mount Lebanon (Mont-Liban), Lebanon
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Hello, Im Jeffrey from Beirut, this is my 1st project that Im starting with my friend, the whole idea is to give back to the children & try to make a small change to the better.

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