Project for remote region far from services .. aims to take care of upbringing and education of people with special needs
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I am a girl I finished my university than a year ... Of issues that require both the motivation and global mobility of all public and private sectors, the issue of disability, it is the issue is not limited to the individual role, but is an issue the entire community, and does not require any form of marginalization and shading, but is the cause of numerous aspects and has gained importance in recent times due to the increase in people with special needs in the world rate, and requires great attention to this topic is of Bothagh efforts to create suitable for those marginalized people category, Ktohel, education and training environment for a person with special needs in order to adapt to society So I am a girl I liked to start this project in our remote remote services even Nsaaad this category study Hcesp foundations and methods suit them and we define children act expected of them if they experienced a new situations and use appropriate activities for the age of the children, and their skills, and their ability to communicate. That our interest in this category helps them to get up and work hard in this society .. I need your support .. even to be a bright future for this category .. and make them effective class in this society ...

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