Sawdust is a by-product of wood that has been drilled, cut by saw, electrodriver, or any other tool.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

The project depends on converting something that can not be used to a product to be used in many fields .. Please read more

First: What is sawdust?

Is a by-product of wood that has been drilled, cut by saw, electrode, or any other instrument, consisting of fine particles of wood that are inexpensive and readily available to all and have many practical uses.

Second: Uses of sawdust: -

- Sawdust is used in poultry farms as it is necessary for the absorption of poultry waste and no alternative.

- Sawdust is used after the cycle of poultry farming used as high quality fertilizer for agricultural soil.

- Exported to heating where exported to foreign countries, especially in Europe after converted into molds and issued for heating.

- Sold to some shops such as juice shops, which forms in the shop floor in the process of decorating the land and beautiful forms and beautiful graphics.

- Used for horse breeders in special horse and ostrich farms.

- Sawdust is used in vinegar production plants.

- The use of sawdust after the process of pressure in the manufacture of iron wood as called, which is equivalent to Alumital and make various types of home furniture.

- The wood sawdust and the manufacture of panels that are used in suspended ceilings are located in the countries of the Balkans, especially the European countries.

- Used in the manufacture of coal flammable discs.

- Agriculture can be used as alternative soil.

- Sawdust is used in the manufacture of some games and decoration.

- Sawdust intervention in the paper industry.

Third: The sources from which the wood will be turned into wood: -

Small pieces of wood can be provided in general carpentry workshops and are available in all neighborhoods and residential areas,

The saw blades can also be made from wood cutters, and can be provided through tree trunks, branches, intermittent or old, and any wood residue.

Q: What is the total cost of the project?



Unit cost






200 m 2



Milling machine Productivity: 1250 kg / hour


Dryer length 5 meters, drying 500 kg / h

Car quarter transfer


Labor (first month salaries)

$2500--Installation expenses + start materials



Project Benefits:

On a general level, it is one of the waste recycling projects, but on a personal level it will be a source of livelihood if God has done as planned

I have provided you with adequate information about the project. I hope that you will have sufficient information about the project and your support will become a true dream, God willing

I hope that those who could not provide financial support would support us morally even if the project is published

Thank you for your support

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