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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

What is Samtromics YouTube channel?
Samtromics is a channel on YouTube specializes in electronics engineering , fixing and electronic scrap recycling , in each episode i will share with you one of my projects step by step, there will be projects for all levels, from beginners to professionals, and also will share with you some tricks and tips in fixing electronic and electrical Devices.

Channel Link:

History of the channel:

In 2008, I made my first fixing work and it was the repairing Nintendo DS charger , i decided to record it and Upload it on YouTube, the video quality was horrible , but many people like it, and they asked me to do more, and then i make another Video about fixing laptop screen , where I did not know that the fixing process will succeed, after it succeeded,  I had a  wonderful feeling , and then I decided to start my channel in YouTube about electronics engineering , also start a blog for my channel .

my first Workshopmy old computer

my first workbench, it was in a non roofed room, and my video editing PC

murdered laptop

the laptop i fixed it in one of my videos

Nindendo DS fixing
But because of the financial issue, circumstances of movement and instability, I could not continue the channel, and was busy all the time, then left it for years.

What is the new things will be in Samtronics? 
The filming quality will be professionally,there will be a weekly episodes, content will be rich with valuable information in different majors , there will be an awesome machines ,such as 3D printer, Laser cutter, and more, also some interviews with makers and inventors and a lot of giveaways and contests  .

Why i need you to support me?
To continue producing videos for my channel i need a lot of equipment such as:
  • build my workshop from the scratch.
  • some machines like 3D printer and Laser cutter.
  • filming equipment (Cameras, mics , some photographers stuff).
  • software licence like CAD software , electronics simulation software.
Cnc Machine that i need
Also the 3D printer
Can't help me with fund? no problem,  you can support by:

Share this Campaign in all social media as you can, this will help me a lot.  

Some awards for supporters:

thanks certificate with you name in PCB board T-shirt for all sizes male and female

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