DPNA is supporting 500 children to participate in Saida International Marathon, running for peace and development. We need your support too!
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

On April 23rd, Saida will witness a first-time organization of an International Marathon “Run for Peace and Development”, which is a highly important topic that DPNA finds fits right in its mission and vision. In addition to supporting local initiatives that promote participation for all and a space for interaction, especially for youth and children.

Therefore, DPNA is setting the goal to have 500 youth from its different programs specifically “Engaging Youth” and “Bussma” programs, aged 12-18 from different nationalities (Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese), participate in the 3km youth competitive race in the marathon.

DPNA believes that encouraging those youth, especially being from vulnerable communities and low-socio economic backgrounds, to participate in a big event that promotes peace and development will motivate them more to be and effective part of the community. This participation will contribute to DPNA’s on-going efforts in supporting them for resiliency, better dealing with profound stress, feeling engaged in the community and promoting social cohesion.

What could be more fun that sports!

The participation fees will cost 10$ per person. Thus, the campaign will ask individuals to support with a 10$ participation. If more, it is definitely a plus!

The costs will also cover promotional items. 

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