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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Money will be used to carry out reforms in our place and avail any needed tools(Computers, appliances and any another tool) to be suitable for our space Project roboVics-Dev and to develop online platform of the project 


“Space”, is defined by four main keywords: DevCafe, roboVics, People, Online.

1- DevCafe:

“DevCafe” is a Social network for Developers and related careers community, where they can invest their Software skills: ideas, project management, development and marketing in dynamic pipeline and social workflow.

DevCafe encourages developers to post ideas, which get ranked by subscribers "Like/Comment". Interested subscriber can select promising idea to "Realize" and assigned as Project Manager. Admin dashboard is used to define project modules, make Implementation Plan and post Vacant Jobs. Candidate subscribers can join these vacant if accepted by the manager. Team collaboration is facilitated and administrated by the manager. Subscribers with marketing skills can "Market" prototypes or completed projects. DevCafe provides online marketplace of completed projects, with either paid or free download. DevCafe aggregates featured ideas, vacant position, and releases projects for marketing download to other social networks. Revenues of DevCafe are distributed on all contributors to idea realization.

DevCafe Concepts

● Users join the “DevCafe” to share their Development skills.

● “Software package” is the final product of the DevCafe web site.

● DevCafe and Users are partners in the “Software Package” with predefined shares.

● Users will be paid only on case of success in selling the “Software Package”.

● DevCafe consists of five Modules described in the following section.

Details of DevCafe Modules




User is prompted to post an Idea. User see the feeds of Ideas of Other users. For each Idea of other users, User can Post Feedback (Comments), Rank (Like) based on different metrics: Pioneer, Attractive to Market, Implementation Difficulty, Implementation Time, Potential Market. For each Idea of other users, User can choose to “Realize” this Will move the user to the Project Module.


User see the Read Only list of Ideas. User can Select one Idea and Press Realize. Realize Function: Now, User becomes a Project Manager (Admin). Project Manager has a control panel to: Divide the Project Into Modules with defined Implementation Plan (Complete Design). Specify Implementation Tools Used. Define Required Man Power (Free Positions) with their Roles ( Database Designer, User Interface Designer, Coder, Graphic Designers, Test Design, Tester). Each Free Position is assigned by the Project Manager a share of the Implementation Share. This will be shown in the free positions as the compensation.

Invite Users To Implementation. Accept Requests From Implementation Users (check CVs from their Profiles and their Scores gained through previous participation). Assign New Implementation Users well defined tasks with specific deliverable and deadline. Review Uploads From Implementation Users and Confirm its completeness. Mark Free Positions when User Leave the project. Give Feedback score for the Implementation Users (Scores).Generate “Release” for Packaging at end of Project with Packaging Requirements. Invite Users To Packaging, Marketing. Project Module has the following Services: For each Project, there is a Blackboard for the Team Members to set assumptions and announcement. For each Project, there is MSProject “like” sheet. It is updated by the Project Management with planned and actual progression.


User see the Projects Having Free Positions. User Request from Project Manager To apply for the free Position and Wait For Acceptance. After Acceptance, User is assigned a task with deadline. User Implement and upload Task Deliverable (Along With Description Document That may include Snapshots) and Wait For Confirmation From Project Manager. User get score from Project Manager showing his satisfaction. User Can Leave Project With Permission of Project Manager or (He Gets Negative Score). User Can Use the Project Blackboard.


User can see the project marked as Released For Packaging. User can select completed project and press “Package it”. “Package It” Function: Packaging User should Do Deployment, Documentation, Hosting and Upload based on Project Manager Report.


User can see the project opened for Implementation (and see progress percentage). User can see the project opened for Packaging (and see progress percentage). User can see the project in form of Complete Packages. User can any of the above 3 types of projects and press “Market it”. “Market It” Function: Marketing User will send request to the project owner (Object In the website Engine) and Wait For Acceptance From the Web Site (Website Staff).In Request, Marketing User is required to upload Marketing Plan. Marketing User upload progress, deals updates (not posted but only sent). Marketing User requests permission to Deal and Wait For Acceptance From the Web Site. Web Site Announce In the Project wall any completed deals and divide the share profits.

2- roboVics:

roboVics is an initiative for teaching programming for kids. Making curriculums suits the kids age and talent.

3- People (Freelancers)

In all related fields.

4- Online

Virtual machines on the cloud for all companies to be rented.

The “Space” generated by the previous four classes. “roboVics” feeds the “DevCafe” and “People” by creating smarter generation has the ability to innovate.

Finally , If you can't fund our Project you can share our project through Social media channels and help our idea to reach More People ...Thank You

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You will Get Whole year subscription for our online courses and services and get any 2 tracks of our course and we will put your name with photo in our Supporters page in website and special t-shirt from roboVics-Dev .Shipping will be free . Online Courses will be available if f you were not in Egypt.
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