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RoboCamp is a moving Educational Camp to spread technology & Sciences for kids & Youth.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Short Summary 

We are 3 Engineers, Engineer Riham Abdallah Zeineldin Master Student and R&D engineer at Arab Academy of Science, Technology & Maritime transport - AASTMT - .  Engineer Heba Essam Elemary teacher assistant & Master student at Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Engineer Amr Khamis Mahmoud Head of Mechatronics unit and PhD student, Industry Service Complex, AASTMT. 

We work in college category, But, we're not enough with a job, We believed about making a change. The change we believed in is playing our innovation pianola all over the country, and maybe all over the world. We believe in seeding innovation in new generations.    

We starting our passion 2 years ago, with preparing simplified sciences and technologies. Volunteering in teaching for kids and youth, We succeeded in making kids participate in science competitions  and win with their ideas. but, we were restricted with our limited resources to teach very limited number of kids. 
Our project aims to spread science and technology throughout the country. We want to create a huge moving camp -innovation pianola - in every part of the country to teach kids and youth about sciences, technology & skills and spread innovative thinking, We need to guide parents to put their kids to the right track to be a positive member. 

Without this campaign,without your help, We can't start this series of workshops and events so we can not have our target in soon time.And the question which remains: What will we do with our knowledge and experience if not inheriting it to younger generations !?

What We Need & What You Get 

We've built fantastic courses that students will love , but we need your help to bring these courses to more people. Your support will provide in-person training for students and extended team that will help us continue our mission.

So, every dollar you donate will be used only on expanding the area of our work, by let us visit places as far as possible and reach more students as we can.

We aim to form a team of kids and youth to be able to build new Electronic products and animation products. 

We made many workshops before that included innovative sessions,  Robotics sessions,Electronics, Programming, Web designing & developing, Animation and Digital Arts sessions.

For Launching this innovation camp we need:

Robotics sessions: Robotics Kits for young age - less than 12 years old

Robotics sessions: Components + Compiler - older than 12 years old


Electronics sessions: We designed kits , We only need enough components

Animation & Digital Arts sessions: Software

Extending the team 

Preparing for the event - place , boards, papers, etc

We need 6,000$ to launch 2 events in 2 different locations in Alexandria. This event will be launched as soon as we receive the fund- as technical issues are all prepared-.

If the fund was raised above our goal to reach 9,000 $, We will extend the event in 2 more different locations in Cairo And adopt 5 students technically to make them compete in international competitions with the name of the country.  

If the fund was raised above our goal to reach 12,000 $, We will move to other 3 provinces  with our movable camp to spread innovation. And Adopt 15 students technically. 

Seeding innovation is our passion, we did it before perfectly, No risks in transferring knowledge and innovation.

The Impact 

Imagine a camp with hundreds of students & their parents, making them open the door to a new world, experience sciences and technologies practically. Do we have any doubt that they will have different vision after that.

Can we imagine the world without the coming generations being in focus & racing with the technology development. 

We volunteered in teaching and worked with many students in robotics, programming & research. Latest  successful mission with  3 students in 2014, Shaimaa , Mirna, & Youssef. won national competition in robotics (World Robot Olympiad) and  represented Egypt in Sochi,Russia. 

One of our Outcomes

Other Ways You Can Help 

We not only need financial help, We need to extend our team. if you have knowledge you can offer to the world, your place is appreciated between us. Any one can help us preparing this huge event that will make difference to people.Help us with your ideas or work concerning to courses and tutorials, Share our idea,Spread about us on the on Facebook or Twitter Stay connected. 

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