We are 15 Egyptian volunteers accepted in Rio 2016 Olympic & Paralympic Games. We need fund to cover some of our expenses.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Hello eveyone,

My name is Hagar, aged 23 , I study Veterinary Medicine, Shot Put athlete and I represent Rio2016 Egyptian Volunteers.

We have started this journey since 2014 and we hoped to get accepted in this event, the greatest one in the world. we had many training and online courses during this period and we passed all stages including the interviews.

And now we are trying to get fund to cover some of the expenses especially most of us are students and we got to pay for everything.

we don't want to lose hope after all this because of money shortage. we can afford for pocket money and visa fees. If someone can book flight ticket or share in accommodation would be so nice.

We represent Egypt but we find no support from the government like many other countries support their volunteers to this great event.

The contributor will help us to achieve our dream and we can provide them the benefits they see it's suitable.

We are 15 volunteers_ Doctors and Engineers_ and we need like 20000$ and we can accept it as flight tickets from Cairo to Rio de janiero or in booking accommodation,  and all the required documents are upon request.

We can make posters and banners with the logos of the sponsored company or make advertisement for some product or any other benefit that the company see it's suitable.

Supporting us is supporting for Peace, Sports and Youth. The support will make difference in our lives being participants in these Games.

We appreciate any kind of support any way, if you can share it, would be so kind of you.

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Alexandria, Egypt
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$200 or more

300 Available

We can lead an advertisement campaign for the company funding us in cooperation with the social media team of the sponsor. It would be great if we market sports materials.
$300 or more

1000 Available

The volunteers will have a visit to the sponsoring company. It will be like a propaganda and the photos and videos materials will be published on the company's website and other internet pages.
$500 or more

1000 Available

We will have the logo of the sponsoring company on our uniform.
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