Rescue ME - Prisonners Support ( Bloc 1 )

Hygiene Kit, Book Library & establishing classrooms for teaching Prisoners in roumieh prison
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

as a young Non-profit organization, Rescue-Me has a vision of a society embraced with safer homes, schools and communities. In addition to working closely with Children, we also give a big share of our volunteering work to prisoners.

close follow-up on psycho-social problems, one -to - one follow up and interviews with prisoners in order to find out the reasons that lead them into this place and in order to create solution.

during our work, we have found that there is a huge need for basic human needs such as hygiene kits and clean environment and a cultural space where prisoners can read books and learn something new ( such as a new language ) in addition to ART therapy.

what we want is to provide the prisoners a better environment that is able to push them one step closer to humanity that is not found anymore in such places : like prisons.

our project will help achieving the following :

1- Building a Book Library ( shelf and providing books )

2- Tables and Chairs

3- Projector and speakers for Cinema Club.

4- Art Materials

5- copy books and stationary kits

6- room dedicated for social support

7- Two Interview rooms ( for follow up and psycho-social therapy ).

8- Transportation fees

9- Staff fees

10- Social Media fees



Detergents and Hygiene kits in addition to personal clothes and needs to prisoners.

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Beirut, Lebanon
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Rescue Me, located in Beirut, Lebanon authorized from the Lebanese Ministry of interior code number 49 registered under the number 10588, is a young Non-profit organization with a vision of a society embraced by safer homes, schools and communities. Rescue…

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