Help a Refugee Mompreneur Kick-Start her Business

Support a Syrian refugee entrepreneur to start her innovative business providing fresh, chopped, ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables.
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Campaign successfully funded on: 16 Jan,2019

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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

"From my pain I make my dream" 

Meet Mokarram Al Zayyat, a Syrian refugee entrepreneur, the mother of four kids, and the sole provider for her family. Mokarram founded “Tamtom wa Doraqah”, which is a startup that provides sliced, chopped and dried ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables, after struggling to find a job that can support her family.  

Mokarram came up with the idea of her business after noticing there’s a market gap in fresh, sanitized, ready to eat fruits and vegetables that can be packaged in a special way to provide longer shelf life. 

After entering an incubator program and participating in Jusoor and Spark’s Startup Roadshow along with other startups in Beirut, the entrepreneur was able to buy some equipments, make partnerships with other entities, and create a full business plan. 

But now, Mokarram needs to buy equipment to start. She needs at least $ 4,000 to buy all the equipment she needs. “From my pain I make my dream” Mokarram says, “My dream is a global factory for the processing of fruits and vegetables using packaging technology, with the hands of widows, divorcees and orphans to build a life for them.

Mokarram wants to build a city one day for widows, divorcees and orphans, so she can create a community that can support, help and empower one another, and she believes that her business is a step closer to making that dream a reality.

Do you want to be a part of it? You can become an angel supporter. These are some of her products, and the logo she designed herself:

15 Jan,2019

14 Jan,2019

14 Jan,2019

14 Jan,2019

Eman Hassan
12 Jan,2019

20 Dec,2018

Willie Elamien
19 Dec,2018

19 Dec,2018

Abdel Karim Samakie
18 Dec,2018

17 Dec,2018

  29 Dec,2018

Good News!!! 

Mokarram surprises us every day with news, and has been very busy setting up her business, getting workers on board, and partnering with neighbors to get raw materials - and she dreams big: she wants to build a city for refugees and divorcees. 

"There are 50 women waiting to work to start working with me, but I started with six of them because of the lack of materials. I also started preparing requests for a strategic partner next to my house, who gives me raw materials of vegetables and fruits in advance without payment," she told us earlier this week. 

"I try to be a reason for these woman to live what I live," she said. What an inspiring spirit! 

Thank you very much for your invaluable support for Mokarram. She is working very hard despite difficulties, and is so happy to see the campaign growing. 

We're 45% closer to getting the first milestone of $2,000, and we're so excited!!!! 

We can do this together!!!

  08 Jan,2019

Mokarram is unstoppable! 

She took her products to 2 different selling points: a fruits and vegetable market in Sidon, as well as the Sharhabeel commercial center.

She's created a wide array of products, each one ready to be consumed. 

She has also created this video herself, and is preparing to launch her Facebook page!!! 

Thank you once again for your kind support in the campaign. She is following up everyday, waiting to launch online! 

Mokarram now has 8 days to raise the funds. She needs to reach $2.000 in order to be able to collect the minimum. If you can share this campaign with your friends, family, and network, it would mean the world!!!

Thank you, dear supporters!

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