Lojou is an attempt to let smile and hope enter the refugees hearts and to enrich their life
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

The story of Lojou is the story of artworks which will start in refugee camps and end in the gallery. you can read the whole story from here:

we are visual artists

I am Raad from Syria, I live in Jordan.

I am interested in issue of refugees, because it is a humanitarian issue, and my dream is 

to reside the Lojou art exhibition.

this one of my artworks

Mohammad Awad a Jordanian visual artist, he is also interested in issue of refugees

,And share me the idea of exhibition.

a piece of his artworks

Lojou Idea

we thought to have our art exhibition about refugees, it's paintings mixed with their tears

and smiles, a window of hope for them.

and because we want this exhibition to be different, so our Idea was to go and paint from inside their camps.

A journey to refugee camps in Jordan

We will packed our luggage, equipments, materials, and canvases, and leave to their camps, and live with them and, we will paint and write their stories, and we will start art workshop with them, for youngs and children, males and females.

we will try to explore their soul, and get what they have inside of them.

the journey takes about two months, and it will be interesting in spite of suffering inside the camps, the shortage of electricity and water, hard weather.

We will be pleased despite hardship.

The show stage

After our return loaded of artworks which is done by us or by refugees,

the exhibition processing will start, we will rent a gallery in the capital Amman for one week, we will get ready the invitations, flyers, posters and everything related to the exhibition.

we will frame the paintings to be ready for show.

even the written stories will be displayed

the exhibition will be different sense of the word.

It will be a sail of hope, it's paintings will be birds with messages for all people,

A call of humanity to humanity.

Who will be invited

we will try to invite all refugees who share us the work on paintings, we will invite the backers of this project,, humanitarian workers, artists, journalists and from all segments of society.

Lojou Book

We will design Lojou book which will contain the exhibition paintings along with the stories that we wrote within the journey. the book will be available as a printed copy and 

electronic copay.

Why should you support us

The exhibition is a humanitarian work in the first place.

and supporting it means supporting for humanity,

and because Lojou has different view of art which mixed with human issues.

contribute to it means to contribute to the transmission of hope in the hearts of refugees 

,because someone share them their worries and sufferings,

and try to transfer their voice to the world.

everybody supports us will be a main reason of our success, and make our dream true.


there is a range of rewards for backers, they are express our love and thankful for them.

and you can can choose one from our rewards on the project page

Other ways to support us

you can share our project on social media, and it is a great support for us.

you can also tell your friends and relatives about our project, 

we thank everybody who can help us to success in any way.

Lojou Budget Listing

Zaatari camp journey
Materials exps. like colors, canvases, brushes etc. USD 1,000.000
transportation exps. USD 200.000
workshop furniture exps. tables, chairs essels USD 1,000.000
Accomodation exps. different exps through  accomodation in the camp USD 500.000
Al Azraq camp journey
Materials exps. like colors, canvases, brushes etc. USD 1,000.000
transportation exps. USD 400.000
Accomodation exps. different exps through  accomodation in the camp USD 700.000
the exhibition exps.
Gallery rent exps. gallery rent for one week  USD 3,000.000
framing exps. this is estimated exps. 40 paintings * 50 USD USD 2,000.000
Invitations, poster, flyers exps. USD 600.000
transportation exps. USD 300.000
Media advertisment advertisment through social media USD 1,500.000
the exhibition book exps
Design exps Design the cover and the inside pages  USD 400.000
book printing exps we will issue 300 copies with 8 USD estimated cost USD 2,400.000
Total estimated exps. USD 15,000.000

We will customize the budget to fit the funds we will raise.

There are no backers for this project yet.

There are no updates for this project yet.

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I am Raad Abu Hussieni 36 years old, from syria. I am a painter I live in Jordan. I want to realize creative art projects. I am interested in human issues specialy for refugees. I believe that art can make…

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