Playground in Rashaya el Wadi Public Garden

Rashaya el wadi has a population of around 7500, 42% under age of 15 ,they Need Safe playgroun
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The town of Rashaya el Wadi is a rural town par excellence as it is situated at an altitude of 850 m and 1450 m above sea level and just 92 km from Beirut, with a population of about 7500 people, 55% female and 45% male, 42% under the age of 15, despite the succession of municipalities and officials, but the town devoid of any safe playground for children, but the public park one suffer neglect, our campaign requires the rehabilitation of part of it to be a playground safe for children with a small break for residents of an area of ​​about 250 square meters. Pitch matching equipment to the specifications of public safety and sensitive to environmental conditions. Developed designs and safety standards at the hands of experts from the Organization of YASA of environmentalists and experts and a group of workers in the social and psychological care for children.
Municipal contributed to provide the required space of the park with the full services of irrigation and lighting and guard while maintaining daily hygiene and public toilets , will be appointed as a permanent observer of the stadium takes care of routine maintenance . Rashaya kids like kids all over the world have the right to access to safe playgrounds in which to spend their leisure time engaged in useful hobbies away from social evils and dangers of playing in the streets . Every contribution no matter how small will find their place. We are a group of volunteers working to serve the community free of charge and so ensure that we provide a healthy society and a prosperous future

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The Hope of kids of Rashaya is in place that guarantees them practice their favorite games in the safety and integrity , be part of the solution and help us to complete the task
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