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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Short Summary
Contributors fund ideas they can be passionate about and to people they trust. Here are some things to do in this section:
Introduce yourself and your background. Briefly describe your campaign and why it's important to you. Express the magnitude of what contributors will help you achieve. Remember, keep it concise, yet personal. Ask yourself: if someone stopped reading here would they be ready to make a contribution?

What We Need & What You Get
Break it down for folks in more detail:
Explain how much funding you need and where it's going. Be transparent and specific—people need to trust you to want to fund you. Tell people about your unique perks. Get them excited! Describe where the funds go if you don't reach your entire goal.

The Impact
Feel free to explain more about your campaign and let people know how the difference their contribution will make:
Explain why your project is valuable to the contributor and to the world. Point out your successful track record with projects like this (if you have one). Make it real for people and build trust.

Other Ways You Can Help
Some people just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean they can't help:
Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about your campaign. Remind them to use Zoomaal share tools! And that's all there is to it.

Kayed Qunibi
04 Jun,2015
Matched with 25$ From

Tareq Al-Zubaidi
03 Jun,2015
Matched with 10$ From

02 Jun,2015
Matched with 10$ From

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Amman, Jordan
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أؤمن بإن الارادة تصنع المعجزات بمشيئة الله، وأن كل شخص يستطيع أن ينمي نفسه ويتطور مهما كانت ظروفه، فكرة المشروع قائمة على تنمية القدرات العقلية كما تنمى القدرات الجسدية ، من خلال مشروع رشق (الرياضيات والشطرنج وحفظ القراآن الكريم)، لمن…

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