A new idea to customer service and marketing, for local shops such as local restaurants
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

New added competitive advantage for the domestic market:

Customer after-sales service: ignored by many people and does not know many of them, are used in stores and global markets and to build loyalty programs for customers and provide better services to them as follows:

1. Find out the best product offered to customers

2. Build loyalty program and through communication with customers after they came out of the shop

3. Build a great reputation for shop

4. know the owner what is happening inside him when he came out from the staff

5. Assess the shop cleanliness and hygiene of food and personal hygiene

6. a new marketing program and the strange way that is competitive among the shops by the use of the principle of integrated Goods 

Our vision:

Random Market Inc. was the first company in Jordan serve the local shops medium-sized

Our mission:

Building loyalty programs and Trading Services for traders meet their needs for knowledge and exceed their expectations and keep pace with global companies and shops with advanced system

Our policy:

Integrated marketing network covering many shops adoption of customers gathered under one umbrella under one title to achieve a continuous increase in the number of customers

Core values:

Customer satisfaction and maintain them by their service and attention to their programs and awards from the marketing side


US $ 15508.18 means 11,000 JD They include:

1. The registration of a company name and its legal requirements

2. rent a office and buy three computers and a printer and Office Furniture

3. six employees and the purchase of a sophisticated system and simple to manipulate data to provide results for the dealer and the customer

4. customized business contact exchanges

5. free gift vouchers to customers first month

6. enhance the company's pages on social networking sites

7. Building a website for the company


Financing for the project convinced the idea .. and this thing is required so there is no financial incentives equivalents or moral because it probably will affect you, even by 1% and this thing is unacceptable ..... my remuneration you will be much nicer after the success of the idea .. distrusting the idea the most important .

Guided projects videotapes achieved the highest success rate of up to 50%!

It may be a shy personality, bold, false, honest ... I do not want to convince you my idea 50% depending on how much you like my personality or how you methods to convince me .... I want a video distrusting the idea and have your financing just enough

When funding for the project and the company's success will create something wonderful, special, new and processions of the modern age

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