Providing a health club for the elderly in Haret Hreik

Help us decrease the loneliness and pain of 1000 elderly in Haret Hreik.
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1000 elderly in the area


Many elderly in the area live in isolation and with few options for leisure. The new life style forces the young archive members to leave their house for work while leaving the old people behind. Their integration in moderate physical and social activities will serve as a monitoring tool to ensure their health and emotional wellbeing. This projects fits with the aims of Live Lebanon's health Campaign. 


The project consists of creating a health and fitness center for the elderly in Haret hreik. This center will provide them with a peaceful and relaxing environment where they will have the chance to be active and productive via exercises (whether physical or mental). The health center will be equipped with machinery for physiotherapy and recreational exercise. The elders will learn how to use equipment related to medical issues therefore reducing their health costs. Thanks to this project, 1000 elders would be able to unwind, be active and decompress in a tranquil and comforting environment.

06 Aug,2015

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