The training of the young women journalists about the art of writing the story of digital press and the story of marginalized groups in society

The development of the capacity of journalists to write stories about marginalized groups
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Short Summary
Awan organization seek through this project proposal to increase the involvement of women journalists and young informatics and increase the inspiration to have in the preparation of press and digital stories about groups that suffer from societal marginalization, especially women, in different their circumstances of who suffer from exclusion and marginalization in various aspects of social and political life as well as shed light on violence particularly against women, especially in armed conflicts taking place in some areas of Iraq areas, the course of events and the transfer is attracting the attention of community groups, whether local or national, regional or international, where this proposal seeks to develop capacity to have to show those stories characteristically through the promotion of thinking to have in how to formulate and the impact of the story on sources that involve interacting with it through the presentation of the full information and characterized by diligence in the case of dealing with groups that suffer from societal marginalization, according to professional standards, because the press is intended primarily to detect the problems of society in order to solve them, and seeks project proposal After applying to organize a competition between the trainees to write a story or a digital press to select the best three stories of the organization and will also voluntarily publish all winning and non-winning Web sites in different stories to inform the general public.

What We Need & What You Get

The cost of the proposed project is about $ 12,000 distributed this amount on the establishment of training workshops Number 2 workshop and the duration of each workshop is 5 days and with the participation of 20 trainees in each workshop and brings the total trainees of journalists young women is 40 press, where the amount will be disbursed between the wages of the trainers and the establishment of the trainees and Rent training and the provision of various training materials and wages hall trainees transfer in addition to the cost of hospitality, meals, wages transfer trainees to areas where marginalized groups live to see the reality in which they live, as training will address all matters relating to the development of capacities in the field of writing and digital press stories about the real situation of marginalized groups in Iraq and the delivery of their voice through these stories to the community to highlight their suffering and assist in taking appropriate actions to resolve this suffering, will be at the end of training competition between trainees to choose the best three digital stories or press dealing with a particular issue about marginalized groups and the value of the prize is $ 500 per winner, The organization will seek every effort to achieve the project's goal of creating efficiency and skill of the young women journalists in the field of digital writing and journalistic story to shed light on abuses against marginalized groups in Iraq

The Impact

The definition of groups that suffer from marginalization of the community: they all suffer from a social or medical condition or myself is contrary to the pattern of Community usual associated mostly sex, religion or linked to the nature of the physical composition or certain social conditions, and models for those who suffer from societal marginalization in Iraq: (women, victims of trafficking, victims of sexual violence, persons with disabilities, families of victims of violence and armed conflict, refugees and displaced people, children, young people, the elderly, victims of domestic violence) So Funding for this project will help in the creation of Women Journalists young women enjoy the efficiency and experience to show violations committed against these groups and thus help in attracting attention to them and thus find a solution to their problems and to stop their suffering

Other Ways You Can Help 

In the absence of financial ability to support the project can help you through education and moral support for the project and increase marketing campaign and her to get the most amounts of our supporters 

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