-Islamic prayer tracker application with a strong character! -you will never miss a prayer! -statistical system to improve your prayer time
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Project My Islam: Pray On Time

Its about time to keep track of your daily Islamic prayers!

This is an App with a strong character! it will keep annoying you until you go and pray! are you up for the challenge?

Pray on Time is the first Interactive Islamic daily prayers tracker application that actually Monitors your daily prayer routine and acts as an incentive to help you improve your prayer times! 


Each prayer time the application will send a notification with an "I prayed button" to register your prayer.


the app will then converts the time you registered your prayer into a score out of ten. The sooner you pray the higher grade you get for that particular prayer. At the end of the day you get a daily average for your five prayers as well.

This way, you get to visually monitor your prayers performance and work on Improving your score. And you will never have to wonder anymore if you have performed your prayer or not yet!

Steps achieved:

-design and publish official website:

-design and release first Android version were is got almost 5 thousand users so far with lots of good reviews:

Steps remaining:

-design and publish IOS version for apple mobile devices

-translate to multiple languages (so far the Android version supports english and Arabic)

-add new features for application to make it a whole statistical Islamic package system (Quran-tasbeeh-fasting and other Islamic features ) to make this application as an incentive to elevate the user's Islamic duties and obligations

-design and create a social platform dedicated to the app users so that users will act as incentives to each other with friends and families

Impact of Project:

-trying to support the Muslim user to elevate with his Islamic daily obligations

-a "Sadaka jareya" for the creator and  everyone trying to support this project

How can you help?

-If for any reason you were not able to support this project financially please don't hesitate to share the project links to any one who might be able to help or might benefit from achieved steps so far

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ِAl Salam Alaikom My Name is Mohammad Itani from Beirut Lebanon I am BS graduate in computer science from AUL Uni since 2004

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