Praai is a platform and a community to discover most interesting spots in your city, gather your friends and plan perfect outings.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Simply what is it?

Praai Is a platform to gather your friends and meetup somewhere in the city, as simple as that.

We want to create community which demonstrate the idea of real social life. We want to make it easy for everyone to discover interesting spots in their city and the first priority is to meetup with friends, family and partners . we want everyone have a good social life and we want everyone to create and share memories and a good time with people they love. 

Watch this video for more information

Our vision is to change and fix the way we communicate nowadays and we want to eliminate the disadvantages of social media.

How it works ?

For example this is the weekend and you want hangout and recharge your energy.

So you open Praai, check out the outing plans which created by your friends, find an interesting tittle and a good time suits you to hangout you press I’m in and check out their ideas and what is the most idea they are excited about because they checked info and reviews about that place

or  Search by categories whither you want to have dinner, to go shopping or to try the roller coaster  so, you create your own plan with all of your followers or with your best friends (Public or private plans) suggest your ideas make them vote, agree for it check out the location of the place and go meet them.

Also, you have timeline full of stories of your friends sharing with you their experience somewhere.

Other options,

  • Reserve a table.
  • Praai suggests best places to go based on reviews.
  • Save places and plans.

Other side, We are supporting local business that play an effective role in our economy.

(Check the video)

What we achieved?

  • We launched our first android version of the app on the play store in Cairo

Our plan

We think big and we have numbers and statistics about our current market (Egypt)

-32 Million active internet users in Egypt  ( Egypt will be the first market but we are willing to expand to other countries)                                       Source:

  • 44% of them in Cairo = 14,080,000 user                                             Our main target user by age segment (15 years old to 40 years old)     = 79% of 14,080,000 =11,123,000                                                 Android: 78%=8,676,096 IOS: 5%=556,000 Web: 10% = 1,111,000 Source:                 So, we want to make all of them use our app.       

So how will we do that?

  • Hire development team to improve our current MVP based on users feedback
  • Build our IOS version
  • Build web version
  • Build back end for our partners(Restaurants, cafes … etc)
  • Marketing and sales expenses

What we need:

- 5000$ capital for 4 months to cover development and marketing expenses.

After building and improving IOS and Android versions we need

- 3000$ to cover sales and marketing for partners.

- 2000$ to support us in developing and marketing till we reach our sales goal and break even.

Other ways to help us: share and spread our idea.

If you live in Cairo it’ll be a pleasure to have you in our platform and take your feedback to build better future versions.

App link:

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