What if: A Documentary on Poverty in Lebanon

A short Documentary that captures the reality lives of 5 Lebanese families living under the poverty line.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

How will the funds be spent?

No matter the amount, every single donation will be a step closer towards the success. The budget we are aiming for, will be divided in between the production of the documentary and supporting these families financially.

The main reason for this project to go live is to raise awareness on poverty in Lebanon and its problems and reasons. I believe that the world will be a safer place if there is enough food for everyone; a clean and safe home for everyone.

Funds will be divided as follows:

10% on Food for crew and families during the shooting of 10 days.

50% on Camera + Equipment + Crew + Transportations to all 5 locations in Lebanon for 10 shooting days

30% on Post Production

10% on Festivals Registration

However, our goal is not only to shoot the cases of these families. But our camera may also be a chance to have them express themselves to the world from inside with the excruciating living conditions.

We want this story to be as real as possible. We want to see this story through the 5 families’ point of view and this is why we decided to shoot at different villages in Lebanon.

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