You are the spirit of everything :poultry farm.

!You're the spirit of everything campaign to help poor women to improve their financial & social cases out of a project which is won income
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 07 Mar,2017

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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

My name is Hayat Abdullatif Alabd, I am 20 years old, and a Palestinian university student, fond of charity and volunteer works, begining a campaign

You are the spirit of everything


Campaign to help poor and rural ladies to improve their financial and social circumstances through the establishment of projects that is gained income for them.

Where they live, they are exposed to a sharp criticisms and distorted their social status ,looking at them like non-productive elements (their place is in kitchen only). Creating an opportunity for them, shows their abilities and their knowledge experiences, improves their prestige in their community, addition to improving their financial status.

The campaign to set up a production projects, depending on what they have off the experience and capabilities.

where the campaign is started by establishment of a mini poultry farm project, that is fitted with what they have off knowledge about animal breeding and animal production.

Finance aims to:

1. Build a small barn

2. To provide feed birds kits

3. To provide a medium-sized reservoir Lamia

4. To provide lighting and heating for the birds

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Gaza (Ghazzah), Palestine
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I am Hayat Abdullatif Alabd, I am 20 years old, a Palestinian and a college student. Good at drawing and authoring and love reading and make my culture more wider . All my time go in my study and volunteer…

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Your name will be written on the wall of ladies achievements ,which achieved by your support.
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Simple wooden color painting for you, preparing by the ladies that benefit from the funding.
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Souvenir in the form of a golden egg will be a beautiful addition to your bookshelf.
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If you love breeding pets, it will be fun and crazy to get a rooster as a pet.
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