A documentary about the poor and street children

We seek to make a documentary film program for street children and try to draw the attention of
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We are a small production company, strive to be the big companies do not care about money, take care of work and struggle and ambition.

We want to make a documentary film and a program for street children broadcast on YouTube learn about their life stories reasons for their presence on the street how they live their day, attempts have drawn the attention of the community for them to help them change their lives is not their guilt they and Dao in these circumstances, how many children and how many young men and women a man or an old Samarra we see them every day without having to know what are the reasons for their presence in the street, now they are young they see children in such age in the hands of their parents cars clothes saliva and others perceive them look hatred and jealousy, and when they grow up make accountable the way error how much a child of whom will be a thief or a murderer or a rapist and we all the reason in what came to him. Let's help them even if he ate a little something great little start.

Help us reach the goal first man. It is the only life

On YouTube it will introduce and translate English and funded inquiry and follow-up imaging and the right to attend the filming any time

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