Pluto is a community hub for entrepreneurs, freelancer, youth intiatives and others.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Short Summary 

Pluto is a community hub for entrepreneurs, freelancers, youth initiatives and others. We provide a highly effective, innovative and collobrative work Enviornemt for entreprenurs, we also provide private offices for early stage startups that enable them to expand their work without any financial headaces. We also provides workshops and events that supports individually and startups grow their work and develop their business models.

Pluto is a local business that focus on Alexandria, Egypt market we aim to create a powerfull, connected and scalable ecosystem that can contribute in the daily change we live in. 

What We Need & What You Get 

We started 10 months ago with a goal of testing the market, and here we are want to expand after a ... Achievements we made in this period. This campaign is mainly focused on expanding our workspace, to offer more entrepreneurs the opportunity of working in an innovative and collaborative environment and to bring more facilities to the existed ones like more seats, desks and a visual equipment. 

The Cost

one disk and one chair costs around 100  $ and a samsung simple LED 19.5  monitor costs 240 $ we aim to get 15 New disk  and chair and 5 screens. the rest ill be for our marketing campaign. 

The Impact 

We believe that Co working spaces is an essential part of a any entrepreneurial ecosystem, the innovative environment that it provides, the coloration and the network it builds, the facilities it facilitated to entrepreneurs, and the community it create is the main reasons behind any entrepreneurial Revelation in the world.

Other Ways You Can Help

It doesn't matter if you can't support us financially, you still can support. Share our video, spread the word, take a picture with #i_support_Pluto and sent it our Facebook fan page. 

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Get you private office now. you and your team will work at Pluto for 1 month in one of our private offices. Enjoy being part of our community !
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