Filming short films about Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to highlight their rights and their suffering for the delivery of voice to the int
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Mohammed Issa photographer and director of short films for the Palestinian refugees residing in Lebanon aims to draft filming short movies.

project goals

1. shed light on the situation of refugees.

2. deliver sound through the movies to the international community and human rights groups.

3. simulations and reality of Palestinian youth in Shred jobs.

4. educate young people through some of the films from pests such as the lethal drugs, and others.

5. connecting an audio refugee through certain films to support their projects, creativity and ideas.

6. Through this pose ideas for addressing social problems and movies awareness.

The importance of this project is a large and important by me and by the Palestinian refugees to transfer their suffering and their needs and their rights, so that the Palestinian refugee deprived from practicing more than 70 career and was banned from ownership, etc ... of human rights.

Hope you contribute to the funding and support of this humanitarian project Bmteaz, giving voice to refugees and resolve refugee problems and could not hope it contributes to the deployment of the project for everyone involved in the support and funding.

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South Lebanon (Liban-Sud), Lebanon
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Mohammed Adel Issa Saida-Lebanon Mobile: 00961 70773627 Career Objectives: -To be a part of a professional organization, work for the progress of the company, as well as for self development. Education: 2008-2008 Course about camera shooting & how to…

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