space helping students and Entrepreneurs to achieve their projects by enabling all requirements
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Short Summary

O Zone is a co-working space for helping students and entrepreneurs to achieve their projects by providing all possibilities and relations needed to get their work done in a perfect way.
We provide (meeting spaces - projectors - high speed internet - printing services - graphic designing services - programmers - translation - book store- etc.)
Also we help them to contact entrepreneurs in the same career for providing advises , experiences and discovering their abilities and talents.
In a brief : A place where you can get your needs without making any move.

and here is some of service we will provide : ( as an example )

  • meeting and interview rooms ( fully equipped )
  • studying rooms
  • book store for sell , Borrow , read
  • design, adv., develop, program and print services
  • advises through experts in all fields
  • make a supply chain to connect service provider and service grantee
    and some of activities  ( as an example )
  • meditation and yoga sessions     
  • cinema for positive and successful models
  • courses
  • cultural seminars, several art seminars, books signing seminars
  • fun activities 

Founders :
Osama Abdel Rashid Mostafa
Mostafa Mahmoud Mohamed
Karim Magdy Imam

What We Need & What You Get

We will save all of your effort and will bring all what you need to be on one place

We need money to start the project  (renting the place and buy the required equipment) to do the following :

1 – prepare meeting and interview rooms and a big room for studying by make the comfortable  atmosphere which helps them to study well  which includes (comfortable chairs – tables – WIFI internet – TV – Projector – white boards)

2 – Buy some tools to serve a hot and cold drinks and some snacks like (fridge – microwave – coffee machine)

3- make a book store for read, sell and borrowing

4- bring a trainers to make course in all fields (computer – student activity – languages)

5- make a meditation sessions , yoga and group therapy

After making the Feasibility study and calculate the initial cost  we found that the project will cost around 5000 USD to get the following :

Place rent : 1250 $

Place preparing : 750 $

Chairs, tables and bean bags : 1450 $

Small kitchen ( coffee machine , small fridge , microwave ): 300$

TV, Projector, internet … etc: 1100$

Others : 150$

Total: 5000 $

We have just 2000 $ and we are hoping to collect  the rest (3000 $)

And for those who will donate :

It’s a great honor that you helped us so you are invited to be one of the holders of the (VIP card) which enables you to enjoy the whole services for free

The Impact

our main goal behind this project is make our visitors happy by teach them the right ways of think and create and to be supply chain between them and Entrepreneurs and small services and give advice to any one needs it through experts and successful Entrepreneurs in all fields
also we make it a comfortable place just like home plus enables positivism and action to the place and all equipment s that you would use to perform faster and easier 
also transfer all of our knowledge to be a thinking community 

and that's exactly the name of the place (O Zone) 
Optimistic Zone full of creativity and positive and enthusiasm   

Other Ways You Can Help

Thanks so much for your trust in our project ... its a great honor 
in case you cant support us with money so we hope that your spread the word 
just share the idea of our project with your friends and relatives 
also you can share this project on social media channels 
and finally you can support us with any of your old materials to be put in the place

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Cairo (Al-Qahira), Egypt
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Founders C.V's Osama Abdel Rashid freelancer graphic designer and a logistics coordinator in shipping co. Mostafa Mahmoud Logistics coordinator in adv. agency Karim Magdy fresh graduate from faculty of law we want to make this project to help youth like…

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$25 or more

100 Available

if u supported us with 25~50 $ You are invited to get all Ozone services and benefits for free ( 1 day weekly for 3 months ) Plus adding your name on hall of fame of Ozone
$50 or more

100 Available

did you supported us with 50-100 $ ? you will get the golden card which u can use all the place services and benefits for free ( 2 days weekly for 3 months ) plus the mug of the place and put your pic and name in the hall of fame .
$75 or more

50 Available

Did you supported us with 100-150 $ ? you did it !!! you will get the platinum card will use all of services and benefits of ozone for free ( 3 days weekly for 4 months ) plus the mug and t-shirt of the place and put your pic and name in the hall of fame
$150 or more

25 Available

did you supported us with more than 150 $ ? of course you will get all of platinum card benefits plus a huge surprise make sure that you will love it
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