towards a better life for divorced women

Rehabilitation of divorced women and their integration within the community through supported
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I work my capacity lawyer and Tjarbjy mostly with women with family problems and highlighted the extent of the suffering of women to get the right both to physical or getting a divorce and the impact of divorce on women after receiving it, and here was associated with my work as a lawyer to women's rights has been shown the extent to which a divorced woman suffer in communities Arabic, often, of the violation of rights, and the humiliation and abuse, both her family and her family, I believe society in general, as if a divorced woman is a disgrace to the community, and everyone Oinihdhir to meet her, for fear that Amssh them worse, and everyone should be avoided by the Clalnuaha, not women accept that approaching them, not even the man as well, and everyone accuses of absolute being, as if it is the first and another divorced, and without thinking Bospabtalagaha, so as not abusing her and ostracized in this way, unjustly, may be grounds for divorce-related conditions of the community or the family or the situation economic or treatment methods.

In spite of the similarity of Arab societies together in outlook divorced women, but the Egyptian society seen as a divorced woman more unjustly her which shows the cases that I deal and who Achaphn most of them with have suffered from society and from the harsh view of those who surround them and their need of supports on the level personal and community level to reduce injustice Aliyha

As a result of the suffering experienced by women makes this need of supports they need to rehabilitate myself in order to coexist with the community in a positive way Okther.almtalob divorced today to look with new eyes, especially as more homes is almost absolute Vihaamroh. Should look at them to be Ajtzn experiment did not work for one reason or another, and Anmsaolah lack of success of this experiment is a joint responsibility shared by women and by her husband, as there was no need for the continuation of the question about the causes and details are then

Rehabilitation of divorced women and their integration within the community for their support through the psychologically and socially, legally and enable them to Aguetsadia.aady

1. The access of women to a state of absolute self-confidence.

2. Access to society and families to look for divorced women positively.

3. divorced women gain the skills needed to improve income.

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Cairo (Al-Qahira), Egypt
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Raising the legal awareness of women, men and especially women's rights Work in the field of training and communication mechanisms with women, especially cognitive and cultural side Work as a lawyer and supporting women's rights

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