Online Radio Station To Promote Local Bands/Artists

Hey guys! I'm hoping to raise funds for an online radio station that supports local artists/bands.
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 28 Apr,2016

This project has not been successfully funded. Sorry!

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

First off, let me introduce myself.

My name is Monir Al-Taher, I'm a second year audio engineering student at the SAE Institute, Jordan.

I decided to start this project because, I also make music, But there was a problem, No radio station would play my music because it wasn't mainstream enough for their taste.
At that point I started researching how I can start my own radio station and promote my own music. I finally found a way!

Now I'm raising funds to help promote other artists/bands by playing their music online!

If you don't have the money to help, A simple share will greatly help my cause!

Thanks for your intrest in my idea!

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Amman, Jordan
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About yourself Hey guys, as I said I'm an audio engineering student at the SAE Jordan, I enjoy making orchestral music. Skills I have quite a few skills, I am pretty good with HTML/Javascript/PHP/CSS/CSS3/Java/NODE.JS/C++/Perl/Python. I am also really good with…

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