New and innovative projects for the Arab world. Encourage the Arab youth to cooperate and participate in the establishment of small projects
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Together to eliminate unemployment in the Arab world

Objective To create a site to adopt new ideas in industry, agriculture and trade where we target the young people looking for real opportunities to profit from the disruption of the establishment of small projects with modern ideas and sophisticated.

We want to reach all Arab countries from the ocean to the Gulf in order to motivate young people to work ambitiously and not wait for a job in the public or private sector.

We seek to create a collaborative environment among young people to create participatory projects where young people share capital and profits.

We aim to focus on the strange and fantastic projects that are not widely distributed in Arab societies and even globally. The more rare the idea becomes, the more profitable the project will become.

By providing an on-site feature to communicate with visitors, the site will serve as a link between individuals to create small business clusters and clusters to agree on joint ventures.

For example: Ahmed from Cairo is unemployed and needs to make a project ,but he does not have enough capital to start a good project . At the same time, the ON site offers a new and profitable project but needs at least 50,000 L.E as capital for the project. But Ahmed can only manage 5000 L.E maximum, here on this site through the social networking between the visitors to connect Ahmed with a group of people who want to implement the same project and residents of the same city, and on the assumption that the group will include 10 individuals , each one of them carry 5,000 pounds as a share in the project.

The site will also provide free educational services aimed at educating the young Arab people and raising awareness in the field of commercial, marketing methods and learning the steps of import or export from and to abroad, where we will provide special courses in these fields .

1- Projects Management Course (for free)

2 - Course in marketing and sales (for free)

3 - Course in import, export and customs clearance (for free)


We also plan to establish a legal support section and to help the young people to establish legal entities for their projects through a group of legal advisers specializing in civil and commercial business, registration services and contract writing.

The plan of work and the required funding

The first stage: We aim at this stage to prepare the site, launch it and then create intensive advertising campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google,for reach one million subscribers and 10 million unique monthly visits

Financing the first stage : We need from 50 to 100 thousand dollars for the publicity campaign, in addition to paying surfer fees with a strong specifications to endure at least 300 thousand visitors daily, in addition to participating in the service of sending periodic emails to  the members.

What we offer on On site for our financer ?!

Firstly , we introduce our thankfulness to those who support us, even with a word.  

Secondely, Anyone supports the site of On Projects will be added to the founders page of the site, whether an individual or institution, and we are welcoming the sponsorship requests from foundations and charitable and commercial organizations.

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مصمم ومطور مواقع , أعمل في تطوير المواقع منذ 10 سنوات , حققت نجاح على المستوى الشخصى وأنا حالياً أعمل في مجال المقاولات إلا أن العمل على الإنترنت لازال يستهويني وهو شغلي الشاغل وأطمح لأكون من رواد الأعمال في الوطن…

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