Nostalgia - The Good Old Days!

Nostalgia needs your help to restore, digitize, and publish videos & photos from the good old days. Let's share the love!
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 25 Apr,2017

This project has not been successfully funded. Sorry!

Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Nostalgia started as a facebook page aiming to share old Lebanese videos and photos on Facebook, it soon grew to become a community of over 54,000 people! What started as a simple fun page turned into a huge project!

As the interest in Nostalgia grew, we started posting more and more content; mainly videos, people loved it, Nostalgia became a place for every Lebanese. As the page grew we started posting old videos that we collected from the web, later on we started buying old video content from flea market and old video rental shops that were disposing them, along with with videos sent to us by the page fans who wanted to save the content they had.

Nostalgia is more than a Facebook page, it is a place where people get together and share their stories about the past, we dig and convert old video tapes, collect old photos, buy archives and do our best to save the Lebanese heritage of collective memory.

What do we need ?

We need a small contribution of $8000 USD to be spent as follows:

  • Buying the equipment needed to digitize the archive
  • Buying even more archive to publish!
  • Publicizing the content on social media

How can you help?

  • Support the campaign with a kind donation
  • Share the page and the campaign on social media
  • Ask your friends to like Nostalgia on Facebook
  • Share this call for crowd-funding on your social media platforms
  • Contact us to place a paid ad on Nostalgia's facebook page
  • Send us any old video tapes that you have!

The joy of seeing people tagging each other on the page and sharing the love gives us the motivation we need to continue, and now we have reached a place where we need your support to draw a smile on everyone's face, we need your support so we can buy the machines we need and the tapes and 36mm films containing all these memories and converting them into digital videos that we share on our page.

You will not only be helping us save the "good times", but also you will be helping create content that will last for ever, for the generations to come.

Whether it is a photo, a video, or an old book, Nostalgia is there to save it.

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