Rising Lebanese & Arab Youth Stars In Oslo, Norway

35 young athletes from Lebanon,Palestine,Syria&Jordan; will travel as 1 team to achieve a dream!
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

YOUTH FOOTBALL ACADEMY is one of the few ARAB football teams participating in the NORWAY CUP this year for the first time in our team history, a tournament targeting youth from all around the world from July 30th till August 7th, 2016.

Norway Cup is the largest tournament in the world for youths commencing in Oslo week 30 and 31 every year. 4200 games are held annually in an event that is best described as a melting pot with youths from the four corners of the world, meeting fellow footballers and exchanging professional expertise.

Facts about the event:

1.400 - 1600 teams
30.000 participants (12 - 19 years)
72 nations & countries
62 fields
4200 games
350 referees and 50 observers
31 schools of accomodation
7 hotels
1600 volunteers
780 media representatives participate in Norway’s annual largest press center.

35 young athletes from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, and Jordan, aged between 13 and 19, will play hand in hand in one team to best represent the good face of football in Lebanon and the Arab world. We're aiming to be the first Arab team to win this World Cup. Our staff members and team have been working hard for the last 18 months as preparation for this major event.

Why fund the "Norway Cup" project? 

This project aims to shed the light on hidden football talents in Lebanon, the middle east, and the Arab world as a whole. Most of our youth talents in Lebanon and the region go down the drain because of poverty and lack of financial power to reach their goals. During our 3 years of operations in the sports field, we have said goodbye to a great number of talents who could have ended up as potential future stars, due to the lack of funding. We figured out that it's time to INVEST IN OUR YOUTH, it's time to stop the talent drain in Lebanon and the region, these youngsters deserve better! The Norway Cup will give our players all the exposure and scouting they need to be seen by international coaches who will offer the best players boarding programs and scholarships in Europe.

Our project needs funding and sponsorship in order to make it happen, achieve results and compete on a professional level. We're aiming to raise money for the following main reasons:

- For some of our local talented players who can't afford the travel expenses of the event, and who actually deserve a chance to show their skills.

- To sponsor Syrian and Palestinian young talents residing in Lebanon as refugees, to take part of this huge international event.

- For increasing the budget for the number of staff and coaches needed to be among the group.

- For all the travel equipment needed.

- Additional goals: an extended period of stay for our most talented players in the group to undergo further scouting with the top teams in Norway.

We're counting on you to help us make this dream come true!

Any contribution you offer would be of great value to us, even word of mouth! 

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