Publishing a poetry book (Nomadism)

I need funding to print my book of poetry Because of the publishing houses based on the number
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

I'm Mahmoud Bayoumi, 24 years, Bachelor of Commerce in 2013, Egyptian .

Placebo in life is poetry. It's my message is in this world. I am on the road, as much as I can walk, to him. burdened with him, and want it. He's the father of the Arts, standing on the edge of the universe sucking blood his writers, and eat them slowly. And we are on the way to him aware of his passion to take our souls, we are carring it to him, however. we make it beautiful with him so that accepts us, and record us as poets in history .. as song of poet !
I spend most of my time reading poetry, sitting with poets, attending seminars and cultural evenings and artistry. And all of this are priority in life .

I have experience in poetry. "Nomadism" the first experiment. I try, as much as possible, to publication. but it is not as it should be. The poets value measured by the number of the followers on social Networks, not as much as what is offered by the art or creativity. Which means, at the end, that I must publish on my own expense, and also on the social networks to promote the book  to reach those interested in poetry and art .

I'll spend amount of funding ($ 1,000), on the printing in a publishing house responsible, and advertising on social networks. I will submit to shareholders a gift copy of the book, and if anything is left of financing funds, i would made medals or art forms carry the book name, or printed T-shirts carry sentences of the book.

Participated in many competitions and seminars cultural and artistic and forums.
For example:

- First place, on the Ain Shams University, the field of vernacular poetry .2012, Egypt .

- Third place, at all of universities in Egypt - Ministry of Youth and sports - field of vernacular poetry .2012, Egypt .

- Second place, the Greater Cairo universities - "Egypt revolution" Cairo University forum - 2013, Egypt .

- Second place, Sheikh Zayed City International Festival of Creative .2015, Egypt .

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Cairo (Al-Qahira), Egypt
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-First place at Ain Shams University in the field of poetry - Third place at all of Egypt universities - Second place on the Greater Cairo universities -Second place of the literature competition at zayed city international festival

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T-shirts have a poem on
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There are Medals which carry the book name
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There are a copy of the book for you, which carries "Nomadic" name, Where you trip. This trip is a gift for you. Fight as you see, not what you imposed writing. take it by your sensibility. It's your special trip!
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