Gym for people with special needs

People with few needs are their sporting activities because they simply do not have facilities to suit their needs
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Project: Gym with special needs

There are many ideas that meet the needs of community groups, and we often see projects and advocacy campaigns for people with special needs in order to have facilities dedicated to them, but most of the life facilities such as streets, cars, schools, universities, parks, ministries and even homes are not prepared for this category.

Sport takes an important place in everyday life but few people with special needs are their sporting activities because they simply do not have the facilities to suit their needs.

who are we?

ELHabib Jaouad, from rabat-sale, Morocco - 32 years old as a coach of full contact, kickboxing and muay thai; an activist in several civic associations; I dream of completing a sports project for people with special needs by designing a gym for this category.

Rationale of the project and the extent of its implementation.

As people with special needs make up a significant proportion of the community, this project proposal was found to meet the needs of athletes in this category.

"And that people with special needs are a marginalized group of athletes of the first degree in Moroccan society in particular and the Arab world in general; the lounge will solve most of their problems in the exercise."

Games and facilities located in the lounge

And the details of the closed hall as it contains multiple facilities suitable for people with special needs, such as clothing spare rooms and appropriate sanitary facilities; Also for training and other athletic competitions.

The public safety is the most important considerations that were put in the project as it is equipped against fire in addition to the presence of a control room to prevent problems of electricity, and provide medical means to provide first aid.

Summary of the work of the hall

"In short, the project is a complete sports hall with all facilities and utilized all the space in order to find everything necessary to provide a suitable climate for people with special needs in sports."

The human cadre needs a manager, administrative staff, cleaners of both sexes, as well as trainers specializing in games with disabilities. "

Future Visions

As for the possibility of implementing the project on the ground, "I hope that there will be supporters to adopt the project, but the slogan of the lack of material resources in the country makes me realize that the period is not easy, but my predecessors try to make the dream come true."

And thanks to everyone

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Rabat, Morocco
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ELHabib Jaouad, from Salé, Morocco - 32 years as a full contact coach, kickboxing and muay thai; activist in several civic associations;

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