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Fundraising for IP Cameras in order to prevent any abuse in my after-hospital-care-center
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Short Summary 

Hello, I am doctor Mai El Naggar. This fundraising aims at collecting a reasonable amount to provide my After-Hospital-Care facility with IP Cameras in order to prevent any kind of patient abuse and also to equip my centre with minimal luxury which could make the stay of each patient a pleasant one.

About me:  I have been a doctor for the past 20 years and since the beginning of this year I have decided to dedicate some of my time in order to make a dream project come true. I have always believed that there is a strong need for a clean and affordable After-Hospital-Care Facility in Egypt. Throughout the years, I have always walked my patients and their family throughout their whole Journey at the hospital and the follow-up once their medical condition allowed them to leave. I have always shared good times with them and also made a lot of friends. Nevertheless, one common problem frequently encountered by my patients and their families was: the absence of any facility which receives patients for whom an accommodation at the hospital would no longer be justified yet they are not fully recovered and require extra care at home (for example patients after recovery from operations need special care until full rehabilitation or young ones after a long term treatment period may not be able to fully take care of themselves). 

The problem: Sponsored or paying patients in that case had no choice but to pay for a professional medical and nursing services at home, in spite of all the inconveniences and possible malpractice that can take place in the absence of experienced management. Moreover, this option is usually extremely costly and only the well-off in Egypt can afford to have a full time private nurse. Hence, families with tight budget constraints carry an extremely heavy burden when their loved ones need professional help at home until full rehabilitation.

Strong demand for such a facility: Given this strong demand for an affordable After-Hospital-Care facility, I have decided this year to launch one. A friend of mine who runs an orphanage in 6th of October agreed to rent me one floor of the building in order to start a small After-Hospital-Care facility centre. My aim is to provide patients with professional, affordable and friendly help. 

Social equality: This a service our community needs that should be accessible to every one and not just those who can afford it, mostly in a country with an inefficient health care system and social security. 

What We Need & What You Get 

The centre is already getting ready to start operating  from January 2016. I gathered the required budget and started the work for this unit, which covered renovations, furniture and legal fees. My staff includes nurses, doctors, physical therapists and medical admins. I recruited an experienced head nurse for commence of recruitment and to apply medical polices.

The pricing plan is meant to be affordable for low middle class Egyptians.

1) 12 beds out of the 20 beds will be at the price of 1000 LE per week. 

2) The singles and doubles will range from 1500- 1800 LE per week; all inclusive except for the prescription medications, diapers and specialized physio therapy for Orthopedic patients.

But I need your help to make the after-hospital-care-centre a secure place and abuse free. As you know, all around the world, patients who are recovering from long term illnesses or who have a reduced mobility are sometimes victims of verbal and physical abuse.  Moreover, I trust my staff but installing IP cameras in the centre will discipline my staff and make them do their work in the best possible way. Throughout the design of this project I always ask myself, if it was my mother or daughter who were admitted in this facility how would I like it to be ? The answer for me was: 

1) Safe and abuse-free.

3) professional staff.

2) Clean.

3) Affordable.

4) friendly environment. 

5) confortable. 

To provide patients with a secure and abuse-free centre I need extra equipment which is out of my budget: 

I will be needing 20 IP cameras found at the following link:

Each will cost more or less 100 euros. Hence I need 2000 euros for the cameras. 

Moreover, I would also like to raise extra 1000 euros in order to provide good textiles which will add comfort, luxury and value to the place. This centre

 provides an affordable community service for Egyptians and I would like them to be in a friendly environnement which any luxurious centre for the well-off would provide. I have already found curtains, covers an decoration for patients room which will cost only 1000 euros.

The Impact 

This centre is one of the first facilities in Egypt to provide after-hospital-care. There is a high demand for such service. Nevertheless this service is not accessible for all Egyptians and I strongly believe that receiving good care is a human right that shouldn’t depend on our wealth. My centre will provide an affordable service which will make easier the rehabilitation of a lot of patients. For now, I started off with a small centre and any profits I make will be saved in order to expand my project to be able to receive more patients.

Also my project will generate a lot of externalities. I will be creating jobs in the neighborhood and will be providing regular staff training. Helping me with this project, is also helping our community to have access to affordable and professional healthcare. 

Other Ways You Can Help : SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE! 

A lot of my patients are impatiently waiting for me to launch my project and I would like you please to spread the word so more patients can have the opportunity to recover in a friendly safe environnement. Moreover, you can contact me for any questions and you are more than welcomed any time to visit my centre once I launch it. 

Visit our facebook page please: نقاهة


Dr Mai El Naggar

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15% off if you or your loved ones come to my center. The monetary equivalent of the discount depends on the room you choose. You can collect your Naqaha coupon by email containing a bar code so we can recognize you when you come visit us!
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30% off if you or your loved ones come to our center. The monetary equivalent of the discount depends on the room you choose. You can collect your Naqaha coupon by email containing a bar code so we can recognize you when you come visit us!
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You can get an upgrade from a multiple-bed (2 or 3) room to a single room. This reward depends on the date of your check-in and availability. You can collect your Naqaha coupon by email containing a bar code so we can recognize you when you come visit us!
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