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Zidane mitoubssi is a business entrepreneur,

I am graduated from the University of Jordan in field of business economic in 2014, in March 2012 I joined injaz foundation (company course) to study  business Innovation management to improve my skills and expand my knowledge in business innovation, After one year, I teamed up with my friends to apply the idea of nano technology in Jordan .in addition, I share in many entrepreneur competitions as (QRNEC), company course (Injaz).

After graduate I worked at privet company  it works in issues related to women rights and  Community Developments. 

Zidane believes in the importance of volunteerism and community development roleI ,also he is an active member in voluntary work all around Jordan.

In order to brief the reader about NTG early days, quoting one of the co founders are presented below in which he summarize their early steps:

“We used to meet at the university’s cafeteria to have coffee. One day, a friend of mine accidentally dropped some coffee on another one’s shirt who reacted loudly “what did you do!!!!!” a fight started and shortly was solved.

Next day, we met and started laughing about what had happened yesterday, but then an idea came into my mind! I quickly asked my friends; is there any clothes that can’t be wasted? Few moments later something just clicked and led us to challenging ourselves that we shall create our own waterproof cloths.

That’s when we started surfing the internet, looking for surveys, researches and articles, till finally we discovered the existence of an outstanding technology called nanotechnology through-which we can produce waterproof fabric. We all were walking on air till we hit the ground realizing this technology does not exist in Arab world! Such a disappointment, isn’t it?

However, real challenge just begun. Troubles, obstacles, criticism and disbelief all were on the way. Trying to convince people about the presence of nanotechnology, cost, way of use, custom, shipping and all made absolutely nonsense to them.

Well, who said this will be easy?? So we persisted to go on.

After reading and knowing more about nano-technology, we concluded that we can do it here! It is all about obtaining the right raw material, creating the right formula and applying it on textile! Sounds easy, but in practice this is a long trip to go. After a long research over the internet, we were convinced that we can create our own formula and apply it. All we need is obtaining the material!

By no time we knew that the materials we needed in order to start our project were unavailable in our country, not even in the Arab region. And to make things worse, due to governmental and political regulations individuals are forbidden to import such chemical material, cutting down our hopes in the only other option we had!

We couldn’t let desperation take over us, instead, determination led us to have an exception from the government to import the needed chemicals, and so we did. After that we started a long journey of trials and experiments in a small workshop which we created to carry out our work.

Finally! We were able to produce our first successful waterproof and stain proof fabric..

We took that fabric and tested it, our friends and colleagues couldn’t believe the results. We have reached a point in which we wanted to establish our first nano-technology startup company in the Middle East (NTG), and that’s what we did.. We were dreaming one day, but now we are living this dream”

NTG is a nano technological project, based on innovative solutions. All our products contain novel ingredients in nano-scale. It provide excellent quality and give us opportunity to cross border of possibilities. Example you can use our product to convert all surface ( stones, woods, metals & plastic, textiles & leather, cars....etc ) to be water proof and stain-resistance.

NTG products not only provides a solution for water wits, we make a friendly environment plus. NTG water-repellent products create long-lasting protection from negative environmental effects such as:

•Freeze damage


•Salt burst


•Acid rain attack

•Microbial colonies formation.

In addition, our product decrease of costs, time and efforts.

We decided to build our small laboratory to produce Nano-products and to introduce them in Jordanian market. We hope to be pioneer in Nano-field in both Jordan and in the Arab community.

In order to build our small laboratory we need a capital of  $11,000

USD 5,000 for raw materials
USD 1,500 for raw materials clearance
USD 1,500 for renting a small laboratory to start the work
USD 1,000 for marketing expenses
USD 2000 research and development expenses


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Zidane mitoubssi is a business entrepreneur, he is graduated from Jordan University as a business economic in 2014 , in March 2012 he joined to injaz foundation (company course) to study business Innovation managment to improve his skills and increase…

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