Music Soup its a place for music lovers an players for any color or type of music to create a new color or a new type of music
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Im Hazem

, the best way to introduce myself is "I'm a music lover" , I've been fascinated by music and to me, it's a lifestyle .

Actually musicians face lots of difficulties, starting with finding locations and instruments, ending with having the right leading and orientation.

My ideas were accumulated at "Music Soup" and basically it's a simple area were music lovers meet, a mix of pop, jazz, rai, rock,...etc. And of sure that leads to give birth to new types of music, a sweet juice of music that each would like, without using any electronics or montage but the simple meeting of instruments, it's a stage that would bring out the soul of music, but earning money is not in the top of the list.

"Music Soup" will host celebreties to give advices and drive young musicians to the right direction, the new music created will be shared on youtube, facebook, instagram and different social medias to share it with people accross the world.

All needed is a hall or a house with at least 150m2 of space, and probably 30000 JD  to pay for rent, dicoration and instruments.

basically I work and live in a different world, my life and music arr 100% apart, but I have it in the heart, and honestly I want my next step to be in the world of music which I knew everything about and I knew what's what.

I'm a hearing aid technician and I would love that "Music Soup" will have a successful, dynamic and why not an international presence.

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