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The Civil Society in Egypt is still suffering from the disparity of the civil society organizations (CSOs) capabilities to communicate with the people and advocacy. On the other hand, this sector is lacking good follow-up mechanisms for the volunteers and donors to review the work of the CSOs, and also there is no room to know the evaluation of the CSOs target groups, clients and workers.

Thus the suggested application "Mousharka" (meaning Participation & Involvement) is aiming for:

• Networking of the CSOs,

• Creating target groups database,

• Introducing CSOs programs to the volunteers,

• Acting as a mechanism to monitor abuses in orphanages

• Contribute to the provision of the support services for marginalized groups through registration and follow up.

Introducing Mosharka Application:

It is an application for electronic devices such as tablets and smart phones designed to;

1. Introducing CSOs located in the geographical range of an individual and its services.

2. Volunteering or donations to a specific CSO.

3. Linking cases with CSOs.

4. Presenting a mechanism for direct monitoring and evaluation over CSOs, orphanages and Centers for the elderly for the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Application main features:

The application has 6 main features as follows:

• CASE Assistance

• Homeless People:

• My CSO:

• My brother and sister:

• Volunteers:

• Complaints

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