Moscars Al-Hurria International Film Festival

An Intl. Independent Film Festival that chose the audience to be its official competition jury.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We started Moscars Al-Hurria Film Festival an annual independent film festival since October 2010. The idea was originated from what faced an independent film maker from challenges and obstacles starting from lack of funding, through scarcity of resources, leading to difficulties displaying his creative outcome to the audience and lack of exhibition spaces and above all the choice of most of these spaces to specific films to be displayed based on image quality, or the experience of the filmmaker which is considered the biggest challenge in front of his ideas and dreams.

Not only does the independent film maker face such challenges, but also ourselves as the founders of Moscars Film Festival. Despite the lack of resources or even the absence of a place (exhibition space or headquarters), we haven't stopped. The festival has managed to continue annually over the past three rounds, dependent on self financing and volunteer efforts, so your support will help us continue our journey that we began five years ago in the development of the independent film culture and accommodate the largest number possible every year from the production of independent film-makers as well as attract the largest audience for this type of Art.

The basic idea of Moscars is to be an open display space to accommodate the outcomes of all independent film-makers, including initial experiments. We chose the public audience to be the official jury for all films competitions. We also organize open discussions with the filmmakers after viewing their films each separately, to enrich the public audience culture as well as the film makers experience through exchanging opinions and ideas.

What we need?

The lack of financial resources has never been a barrier between us and the success of our project and its continuity over the previous rounds, but our goal to contribute to the independent creators is much larger, but we unfortunately were not able to fully realize the dream because of financial difficulties. After assessing the requirements and financial feasibility, we concluded that we need $9000 as a first step to find:

  • A suitable headquarters in Hurghada, Egypt where we are currently living.
  • Forming an equipped theater sufficient to accomodate at least 100 spectators not only to host the days of the festival, but also to include activities and events throughout the year.
  • Acquiring high quality equipment for film screenings as well as other artistic events.
  • Forming an accompanied Co-working space along with a small self serving kitchenette providing green foods.

Moscars Al-Hurria Film Festival

Is an annual independent international film festival open to all areas of independent films from feature films and short industry, experimental films and documentaries, video art, animation films and others. Moscars is based on self-financing and self-help volunteer without any sponsors or financiers. And since the festival does not receive any support or funding from any defined institute, it is considered as one of the biggest independent film events in the Middle East and North Africa. Unlike other film festivals or art events, we reject the idea of art for money, for fame, or even of glory. We believe that art is more than just the art, the art comes from people and must be given back to people who are most capable of judging it. Art, the spirit of expressing life.

Moscars is a non-profit cultural enrichment by 3738Life which is simply a group of projects in several areas, but with one goal which is the enrichment of public culture, founded by Karim Toulba and Mariam Selim two physicians who are fond of all kinds of arts, Karim is a film maker and Mariam is a visual artist.

The history of the festival

- 3738life group has founded Moscars Al-Hurria Film Festival in 2010 as an extension to the mission of Moscars Cinema club which first started in 2010 as an online cinema club. The festival is concerned with presenting serious independent film works. As well as opening a field of viewing and discussing these films along with their directors aiming to develop the public taste of art and cinema beside promoting and supporting independent film industry. The festival takes place annually in various cultural centers concerned with arts and creativity.

Round I, April 2011:

- Round I took place at “Rawabet performance art space” in April 2011, by the participation of more than 40 Arabic & International films

Round II, April 2012:

- Round II took place at Heliopolis Library, Heliopolis Association in April 2012, by the participation of 113 films from more than 23 countries around the world, short featured films, documentary films, animation films & video art film competitions

- Moscars Al-Hurria screened the Egyptian winning films in round II at Sofia MENAR Bulgarian film festival  in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital in January 2013.

Round III, April 2013:

- Participated in the third round of the festival in 2013 103 films from more than 25 countries around the world in five official competitions, experimental, feature films and narrative short, documentary, animation, video art, from Egypt, America, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Colombia, Macedonia, the Philippines, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Palestine, Jordan, Morocco, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Portugal, England, Turkey, Bulgaria, Pakistan and others.

Other means of help

If you liked the idea there are several ways to support the festival not only by funding our project, but you can also support us by spreading the word and talking out the idea or by means of social media!

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