A pilot project brings together photographers to share their experiences free of charge
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

We recently launching a pilot project aimed at the promotion of photographers in the community through the provision of photographers everything they need, so we started firing:

- Forum cam, which is a first Forum Arabic Jordanian Free combines photographers under one roof by hosting young people who want to learn this hobby and development and also providing them with everything they need support and attempting to provide the necessary equipment to complete their march for free.

- Studio cam is a first Jordanian studio is rented all the equipment free of charge by the photographers will be provided with the hall containing the necessary equipment for photographers to take advantage of them the best of their situations.

- Training cam, which is a training center aimed at the advancement of society by giving training courses in all areas needed by the photographer that does not exceed the price cycle 13 dinars a maximum and also have a free seat to people who can not pay (where the center aims symbolic amount to cover the costs hire only place).

In the first phase we have processed everything in a simple and you can visit the forum and that day will be done from 10 to 15 who want to learn all the passion in photography or assist people in learning.

The Forum had the support of many where he hosted a young ambitious want to learn photography and camera Ahdaihm collaboration with Canon and when I heard that the idea that we have initiated the provision of the necessary support. The society also began providing the same of their equipment and do not need it to make to a meeting place for them Astvsd others.

In the second phase we want its enlargement place so that can accommodate up to 100 people and equipping the garden to be a platform for hosting the most promising young and help them to reach the dream and Improvement of free studio so that it is insulated from sound and provide better equipment to come out photographer best quality improvement and help from his works and cover the costs of the place of wage and annual also covered with water, electricity and internet expenses.

We wish you to support cam forum for the advancement of society continue to be a great platform Jordan supports every young person wants to learn.

You can visit the Forum cam and identify it more, which is located in his

Luweibdeh safe Street Building No. 9 (his income the church, which is beside the King Abdullah Mosque - Abdali).

You may wander by default in place from here:

You can also enjoy watching Forum cam as video display 360 degrees of here

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