Mobile app, book an appointment with the doctor without waiting in lines allows for patients to make an appointment with him or not to answe
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My doctor project is a mobile app project is helping patients rapid access to a doctor appropriate for them and allows them to search for the best doctors each according to his specialty in the state and the city and the region that lives by and book an appointment with your doctor, whether to visit him at the hospital or see a doctor for the patient at home, as well as the application allows the review of insurance companies which deals with the patient and also search for the best doctors and hospitals, which are the kinds of operations.

The reservation requires a doctor from the patient contact several times in an attempt to get an appointment, and waiting time in the clinic is no longer a tragedy faced by patients anymore, thanks to this application, which will contribute greatly to the development of technology and health care.

And provide service for the doctor also be found on the patient's file through its own application and receive reservations and recent visits to the patient and to provide him and remind the patient doses of medicine with him and the next appointments.

This project is very important us how we will benefit from the technology in health care for patients and provide them with the best services we want that all contribute to provide the best service for health care for patients in the world there are sick people can not go to the hospital the push of a button the doctor would come to the house to treat the patient, and also make it easier to go sick to the right doctor for them and take the necessary treatment and statements with ease.

The amount of funding for the launch of this project is US $ 30,000, there will be a very special privileges to those who downloaded to contribute to the financing of this project will be allocated for each person revealed and free checkups for a year when any doctor wants to go to him.

When the success of this project will be there in the future expansion and we will open branches and we will bring many physicians skilled we will facilitate for all patients visiting their doctor and will be able to booking the patient doctor in any other country other than the State which they live and conduct operations in any country of his choice all this thanks to the financial support and your contribution to the the success of this project until you Tsttiao be part of this project and the work done Veal this project with your relatives and your friends in the social networking sites Astkhaddmo and means of exchange and participation in accredited Dhumal site.

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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My name is Yahya Hussein, a Sudanese national leading businessman I am 27 years old I want to fulfill my dream project, a doctor who book an appointment with a doctor in the state and the place and the region…

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Uncover and free checkups for a year with the good that Bergb in an interview in the future
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Uncover and free checkups for a year with the good that Bergb in an interview in the future
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