ِA huge Arabic website and YT channel that talk mainly about my passion, Video Games. is what I started with a year ago.
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Hello Everyone

My name is Hassan Salem and i'm a very ambitious, optimistic Palestinian man. I recently graduated from Al-Quds Open University with flying colors, I was at the top of my major (Computer Information Systems CIS) with the average 94.3.

I have a great passion for video games and I want to make a career out of it. I know a lot of websites and YT channels that talk about video games, but in English, and the few ones that talk about video games in Arabic focus only on certain areas in the Arab world.

My dream is to built a website and YT channel that talk to the whole Arab world, unite every gamer, and bring them altogether in one place. I started that dream with my website, and a YT channel that I recently launched.

I want to reach every Arabic gamer through every social media (I have approx. 16,000 followers on FB) and build a brand that gives young people a funny,healthy, and most importantly positive outlet.

I hope you feel my passion through my work and support me fulfill my dream.

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Nablus, Palestine
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Since I was a little boy, I was always interested in video games and impressed by every aspect of that industry, not just playing, even so I was extremely shy to play at first. I'm also very interested in films,…

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$500 or more

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I'll dedicate 2 minutes in one of my videos talking about the contributor who helped me achieve my dream and focus on what he\she does in life.
$500 or more

6 Available

Your support will be highly appreciated. I will make sure to mention every contributor in my videos (sometimes at the beginning and sometimes at the end) and website. You can say A big Arabian shoutout with video games flavor.
$500 or more

6 Available

I'll make sure to mention every contributor in the description of my videos provided with links given from the contributor to expand their business
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