A short film delve deeper into the psychological effects in children as a result of physical ha
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Summary scenario:

(Yamen) young man of twenty years, decides to take revenge from the man who molested him when he was young, as it exploits the days of the outbreak of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip in 2008, to kill the man who molested it, in order to get rid of the concerns of his memory, and the spirit of revenge inside.

Why this film:
1 - For children
2 - It is my favorite dream to get this movie done

(Memory sperm) film short duration ranging between 7 to 10 minutes.

Amount for the production of the film:  $ 6,000 

Costs of production:
  1 - Design of art, and decorations: $ 500
  2 - reps / 3 people: $ 1,000
  3 - Imaging equipment and the cost of the photographer / 4 days: $ 1,200
       Cinematographer cost: $ 600
       Photographic equipment: $ 600
  4 - Montage and Oxygenator and treatment of colors and music: $ 2,500
       Film editing: $ 1,000
       Oxygenator and sound effects: $ 500
        Treatment colors: $ 400
        Composing music: $ 600
  5 - the cost of production (Transportation - Communications): $ 200

Why is this idea?For children, and in order to maintain them, because the kids a red line that can not be crossed at all whether sexual harassment or during the war between the states, where the public space of the film and the atmosphere surrounding the events are the events of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, the message padded to rape and harassment in children is the rank of a war on defenseless people.And the production of films such as heck short, can be shared in international festivals for the delivery of her idea for all the world, where he will be a template film, in terms of photography and editing and acting.,The film's director:Mahmoud Abu furlongs 0.27 a year, working in the field of film editing and output 7 years ago,And now works as an assistant director and editing feature film entitled (Sarah) Palestinian director: Khalil decorated.

Links to previous works:
1- YouTube channel /

2 - Strip open signals / screenplay and directed.

3 - The ability and disability / screenplay and directed.

4 - Report channel Russia Today, about cinema in Palestine and the Gaza Strip.

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In the past I used to work a math teacher, on the other side I have a talent for editing and distribution of music, so I am working after teaching in the field of cinema. Currently Vaaml in the field…

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