medium size wind farm for generating electricity from wind. the capacity could be 60 kw/h.
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Hi … my name is Malek … I’ve bachelor degree in Computer science but I’m working as olive farmer. I’m planning to build a wind farm that is capable to produce electricity and sell that electricity to the national grid. This project will help me got a better income since I’m now having just 150$ month. After this project I am expecting to get at least 1000$ month. I’m planning to build that wind turbines myself to cut down the cost of build that small wind farm project. I’m expecting that this project would change thelook, feeling, and attitudes of the rural area people to take the step of applying the renewable energy because of my success in that project.

What We Need

Since I’ll build the project by myself, I estimated that at least the project cost’s 15,000$, if someone can do shipping from China to Jordan the cost would decrease. About 80% of the project equipments are from China. The projects need the following materials or equipments:

1.  Neodymium Magnets: this magnets made from iron and neodymium it is rare earth material that 98% of this material located only in China (Manshoria province). This is expensive and used for building medium scale wind turbine.

2.  Copper wire that is used for build wind turbine coils.

3.  PVC pipes that is used for wind turbine blades.

4.  Iron bars, that is used for building the column for wind turbine.

5.  Fiber glass resins , and fiber.

6.  Power inverter that is used to tie the electricity generated with the national grid of the country.

7. Electric wires.

The Impact

I believe that this project would be valuable, it might change my life for the best … and you as a contributor you will have the impact on my own future … not only me … but all the people in Arab world and specially in Jordan … when the people see an Arab and Jordanian young man has success in renewable energy, I think they would have the brave and being enthusiastic to do this project. I’m planning to make a website too to describe my project from A to Z, this would be a tutorial and e-learning of the renewable energy and a live view about the wind farm on field and see how it is working now and what was the achievements. so I can encourage the others to apply renewable energy in their life. So … you as a contributor will change the future, and being part of the history.

Thank you :)

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Irbid, Jordan
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I'm greenee and love the nature and protecting it. I am holding a bachelor degree in computer science, I work as a olive farmer and software developer freelancer. I have attended many courses in Renewable energy, Aquaponic, and hydroponic. I…

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