Egyptian electronics makers TECHnowledgy trip to San Diego

Support a TECHnowledgy transfer trip to San Diego to develop our electronics makers community
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Campaign unsuccessfully ended on: 28 Feb,2015

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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Egyptian makers community needs more about
converting prototypes and DIY project to products. 
using new technologies, processes, tools, and equipment.

Trip summary:Joining IPC expo 2015 (electronics industry conference and expo) to share and transfer technology and knowledge about electronics industry services ( design, prototyping, production, testing, inspection... ). then visit makers and start-ups communities in San Diego, CA. for networking and share best practices about how to convert DIY projects to products.

Trip objectives:

  1. Joining IPC APEX expo and conference 2015
  2. Networking with electronics industry companies
  3. Electronics production, testing and inspection machines and tools catalogs.
  4. Electronics prototyping machines to support Egypt makers movement as a part of our creative industry.
  5. More Knowledge about new technologies for production processes, machines and tools.
  6. Visits to start-ups and makers community in San Diego, CA.

About IPC expo 2015:

IPC APEX EXPO 2015 is a five-day event like no other in the printed circuit board and electronics manufacturing industry. Professionals from around the world come together to participate in the Technical Conference, Exhibition, and Professional Development, Standards Development and Certification programs. These activities offer seemingly endless education and networking opportunities that impact your career and company by providing you the knowledge, technical skills and best practices to address any challenge you face.

About Salama:
Mohamed Salama is an industrial engineer with 28 age from Alexandria, Egypt.
I'm interested in entrepreneurship, technology and products development. My mission is to support others to develop, sustain and grow their ideas, start-ups and products.
My experience is highlighted in electronics industry as an IT solutions provider, IT supplier, PCs assembly and maintenance.

My last Knowledge trips:
2014 Germany, German-Egyptian exchange program
2014 Rwanda, Entrepreneurship ecosystem support project
2009 Turkey, The 2nd international young entrepreneurship congress

My last Conferences and expo:
2010 Egypt, Management of Technology conference, IAMOT 2010
2009 Egypt, Production, design and control international conference PEDAC’9
2007 Egypt, International Conference on Computer and Industrial Engineering CIE37

What We Need & What You Get 













Conference fee




Visa fee







500 $


3283 $

Trip agenda (initial):



Day 1

Professional development  training


Day 2

Professional development  training


Day 3

Expo tour


Day 4

Expo tour

Day 5

Professional development  training


Expo tour

Day 6

San Diego startups community meet-ups

Makerspace visits

Co-working spaces visits

Day 7

Makers community visits

Universities/Organizations visits

Trip local community impact

  1. Provide support for Egypt makers community about
    1. New technologies in electronics industry. (icehubs Egypt, hardware accelerator, hacker spaces, Fablab Egypt, Qafeer labs )
    2. New supportive service to provide
    3. Potential makers community supporters/partners.
    4. Best practices about converting prototypes to mass production (DIY project to product).
  2. Find new vendors for local electronics industry.
  3. Provide local electronics industry with new technologies, machines and services.
  4. New opportunities to develop my startup services ( Electronics Manufacturing Services EMS business ).
  5. Share catalogs with sponsors

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  30 Jan,2015

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30 Jan 2015

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Mohamed Salama is an industrial engineer and entrepreneur from Alexandria, Egypt. I'm interested in entrepreneurship, technology and products development. My mission is supporting others to develop, sustain and grow there ideas, start-ups and products. My experience is highlighted in electronics…

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