Makan 360 is the first Online Expo using the Virtual Tour technology in The World.
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Makan 360 EXPO

Makan 360 is an Expo that is held twice a year, gathering Companies, resorts and hotels  working in field of tourism all over Egypt, and it is the first Online Expo using the Virtual Tour technology in The World.

We are going to make different new things in season 2 January 2018, as we  plan many tours all over Egypt . 25 tours  all over Egypt to capture our panorama 360 ° pictures and virtual tours .

We also want to make a new mobile application to make it easier for our audience to view our tours from anywhere all over the world.

If you want to view this tours and travel around them , you can visit Makan 360° season 2 , which  shows you many tourism companies and shows their different offers if any one wants to spend a touristic nights in Egypt .

Makan 360 season 2 countdown link:

The second season of the first virtual tour expo in tourism "Makan 360" on January 1st 2018, where we will have a lotus-shaped Memorial, where you can write your name in any language.
Send your name and join us on the lotus flower for your new beginning .
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Expo Goals

1- Stimulating tourism and increasing the hotels’ rooms occupancy by Arab and Foreign tourists as appropriate for Egypt’s position among The World in tourism.

2- Promoting hotels and resorts through virtual marketing  (Virtual Tours and Multimedia).

3-Promoting Arabic and English touristic content on search engines, a thing that increase the touristic occupancy movement.

4-Increase the awareness of the global society about keeping the touristic places in Egypt.

Our rewards :-

Makan 360 season 1 link:-

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