Restitution of Mahmoud Saïd painting to Egypt

To donate iconic painting by Mahmoud Saïd to Egyptian Museum of Modern Art.
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The painting L'Île Heureuse is of national significance to Egypt

Painted in 1927 by the doyen of modern Egyptian art Mahmoud Saïd (1897-1964), L'Île Heureuse (The Happy Island) was lost for more than half a century since it left Egypt in the 1960s following its sale to a Greek tycoon living in Egypt in the 1930s. 

On October 12, 2016, the work will re-appear in the market for the first time and will be sold in a public auction in London (at Bonhams, New Bond Street, The Art of Lebanon and Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art, Lot # 35). 

The aim of the crowdfunding is to raise enough funds to acquire the painting and donate it to the Egyptian Museum of Modern Art in Cairo (EMMA), where it rightfully belongs. We are certain that EMMA does not have the funds for such a pricey acquisition. 

Hence, we call on generous art collectors, art patrons, cultural heritage guardians, and wealthy business men and women, to support this culturally significant endeavour. We call on friends to participate even with a small amount as a token of support and to help spread the word out. 

In its original wood frame, the authenticated oil on wood painting measures 70 x 80cm and has an estimate of 260-390 thousand USD. We expect it to reach at least double that price during the live public auction. 

We seek to raise enough funds to help us secure the safe return of the seminal painting back home in Egypt so that Egyptians, tourists, art lovers can enjoy and have access once it is exhibited in a public institution. This would further add to our already existing unparalleled visual patrimony.  

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