Summary is the ultimate platform to help people report their lost item and instantly have ten more people searching for it.
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Thank you for your interest in reading more details about my campaign, first of my name is Omar  a computer science graduate from the British University In Egypt specialized in information system, about  eight month ago after graduation I decided I wanted to specialize in web development, so I started self learning through online medias, six month later while surfing social media I entered our student union page and noticed that a lot of people post about items they found or lost, at that moment an idea sparked in my eyes, why not build a platform for helping not only my university colleges but everyone who lose or find something in their closed area such as universities, malls and large corporations. To report about the item and immediately a notification will pop up to everyone interested about that area telling him or her that someone in your area of interest has lost or found something. two month later I lunched and  starting this campaign in order to be able to make this website usable for many different countries such as Lebanon, UAE and KSA also to improve the service quality, develop mobile application and reach as many people as possible.

At this point we believe we will be the first platform that provide such service in middle east, however we will keep working to provide the best service for our users and reach out personal goal to help retrieving one million item by 2020. On the other hand  the first stage is done but there still more to come and this is were your fund will come to help, the required fund for the current stage is five thousand dollars(5000 USD) and the fund will be spent on the following :

-One thousand five hundred dollars (1500 USD) will go on marketing as a start to spread the idea awareness among as many people as possible. It is mentioned earlier the platform target is helping people in closed area to retrieve their lost items, the platform depend on the number of people who will use it like any other platforms but people should have the awareness of such service in the first place so social media marketing campaigns will be lunched through facebook, youtube and google adwords.

-Five hundred dollars(500 USD) will be used to design and create banners and flyers to be distributed by our team in 3 universities and 3 malls as a start to see peoples feedback and know what could be done to improve our technique and the platform.

-Two thousand dollars (3000 USD) will be spent on the following:

1- Updating the website notification system to make it more accurate as well as supporting push notification option.

2- Updating the platform to be used in UAE, Lebanon, and KSA.

3- Creating the mobile application (Android-IOS).

4-increase the hosting service space provided to handle more users.

5-Installing SSL certificate for security.

  The main aim of this campaign is to help accelerating the platform from a MVP to be trustworthy application that can be used on daily bases weather to report or to help people retrieving their items. This project will defiantly make some serious change in how people feel when losing an item in their university, mall or workplace, as the person who lost something will know that he or she is not the only one who is looking for the item but many other people will be willing to help without the need to run around asking people and looking like crazy :), the platform will and can minimize the amount of items lost and never found, imagine if you lost your wallet in the library of your university, it would defiantly hurt so bad if you never found it but the problem is you search for it on your own, but when you use the platform ten other people from the hundred who will receive the notification will take action to search for it as well and this mean covering more range in less time. Imagine this in the future to be used in searching for larger items with larger range and not only in closed areas. But however our target is specified now to make sure it is controllable.

Fund is not the only contribution you can make but spreading the word about the platform and our need for the fund will be as great as funding our dream, if you see the potential in the idea please do not hesitate to share our project on your social media and friends.



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A passionate web developer working hard to achieve his dream, trying to do something that does not affect my own life only, but affect others as well, because it is not about how much money you make its about how…

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