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I've always been very passionate about Music.

From writing, composing, recording and arranging, all the way to mastering, distribution and Live performances, I have been fascinated by all these facets since as early as I remember.

I was 2 years old when I first played on an electronic toy keyboard we had when we were kids, and I still remember how I felt in that moment when I discovered that Music is the most powerful communication tool. Great revelation! It made so much sense to suddenly realize that Music was going to become my first language.

Today's Music scene

Unfortunately, fast forward to two decades later, today, in an extremely divided society, what used to feel like a genuine Music scene looks more like a fragmented money and ego-driven industry. The purity of Music is fading away, and I find myself in a place where competition rhymes with destruction. It seems Music is becoming a filthy business and it makes it tremendously harder for independent 'freelance' Music enthusiasts like me to fly to dare to dream or just to have a breath of fresh air.

I want to change that.
I want to show the world that change is possible and that it takes the small yet precise effort to turn those tables.


ZOOMAAL is the first crowd-funding platform looking to help the ambitions of independent talent in the Arab world.
It's not easy making art differently and being accepted in a conservative tribal society. Almost everybody and everything is owned by bigger corporations. ZOOMAAL is the perfect platform to break the ice, reshape and solidify the artist-supporter connection.

What we plan to do with the funds:

Mainly the plan for this project is to raise sufficient funds to physically produce, publish and distribute "Hypercube" properly and eventually share all these beautiful live moments with you.

The plan consists of:
-Mixing and Mastering.
-Printing audio CDs + Artwork + Prints.
-Pressing vinyl records + Artwork + Prints.
-Producing Hyper-Merch: Loopstache "HyperCube" themed items.
-Filming a creative Music Video for 'Hypercube's second single.
-Album Placement & Promotion
-Marketing & Social Media
-PR activation/Booking Management
-A European tour

About "Hypercube"

Hypercube, as the word means, represents a multi-dimensional cube that co-exists in any given number of dimensions. It has a strong connection with the three-dimensional space we perceive. The hyper-solid is one of our universe's building blocks.

"Hypercube" is an electro-indie album, swinging between house-pop and laid back beats with a space nu-disco feel. It's an energizing ballad through spaces, people, and emotions featuring various artists from Beirut and beyond.

I challenged myself with the music of this album.
I didn't want to just release another album.
I wanted to create music that makes people dance, dream, feel, and dare to make the world a better place.

It took a lot of talented people putting their efforts together to make this album come true and now with your help, it's closer to becoming a reality...

It's time for you to be part of it!

to you all

Carl & the LOOPteam

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Loopstache emerged out of the true need to create music that empowers, motivates, promotes love over hate, uplifts and enlightens the listener, balancing out the brainwashing, enslaving, misleading, dis-activating and vulgar machinery of so-called "pop-songs" we know also as the…

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